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Try Buying A Ticket On A Competitor’s Website

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 21 Apr 2013
  • 3 min read

Now, we wouldn’t normally tell the promoters using Skiddle to use other ticket outlets’ websites. On this occasion, however, we’re going to! We’re confident that we have one of the simplest and most user-friendly ticket sales platforms out there, and we want you to be convinced as well. We think the best way to persuade you is for you to try purchasing a ticket from one of our competitors!

Perfecting Skiddle.com To Maximise Event Visibility and Sales

Skiddle has a dedicated team of inhouse developers who constantly work on perfecting Skiddle.com to ensure we’re providing the best possible user interfaces which naturally convert our hefty traffic, thereby providing events with high levels of visilbity and maximum ticket sales. We’re constantly adding new functionality, beta testing changes to work out what our visitors are really after. We believe the only way to remain in a dominant market position is to make sure we’re at the cutting edge by creating market leading solutions for both event goers and event promoters. We are currently in the process of beta testing our new festivals guide, this system users personalisation based on previous site use, as well as social media activity whilst including advanced search functionality to allow people to find the exact type of events that best suit their requirements.

Try To Buy A Ticket From One Of Skiddle’s Competitors

Ultimately, if your event goers are able to easily find your events, they’re going to buy more tickets and you’re going to find it easier to fill the event. If you don’t believe us, head over to one of our competitors’ websites and try to buy a ticket, once you’ve done that buy one on Skiddle and see what a difference it makes!

Take particular note of:

1. How easy is it to find your event using the search, etc
2. Is it clear which cards are accepted and how secure the page is
3. Do you need to complete a langthy registration form, or can you quickly checkout using facebook, etc
4. Is there clear instructions on what information to complete?
5. Are the delivery methods clearly explained?
6. Can you easily add more tickets into your order or does this wipe the information you’ve already entered?
7. Can you read the terms and conditions easily?
8. Is there a phone number to call if you’d prefer to book by phone?

We sink or swim on the use of our loyal customers, all feedback is greatly appreciated and always considered, simply email any suggestions to: support@skiddle.com.

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