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Create an army of ticket sellers with Reps

Reps lets attendees sell tickets for your event in exchange for cash or rewards.

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Take advantage of new networks


New Faces

Every year, millions of students start university in the towns and cities of the UK.


Expanded Networks

They can sell to fellow students who can become new attendees to your event.


Feedback Loop

Interest in your event will spread via word of mouth if your event is successful.


Multiple Networks

Reps at multiple universities can sell to different people, increasing your chance of ticket sales.

Gamify the ticket selling process


You can set the rewards your reps gain when they’ve sold tickets for your events.

Your reps can earn better rewards based on how many tickets they sell.

It promotes friendly competition, great rewards and more ticket sales for your event.

You control the rewards, points required and quantity of them directly from The Promotion Centre.

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Manage everything to do with Reps in one place

You can track your reps’ progress, accept new reps and send people the rep links should they want to sign up from The Promotion Centre.

Use your reps to help your marketing campaigns

Your reps can help you hold pop-up sales, which can help with last-minute ticket sales for your gig, club night, festival or lifestyle event.

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