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Update on Skiddle’s PNE Sponsorship

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 08 May 2013
  • 4 min read

We entered into a sponsorship agreement with Preston’s local club Preston North End earlier this year and as the football season has now drawn  to a close we felt it important to re-introduce ourselves further to the PNE fans, to give them some feedback about who we are, what we do and why we are supporting our local football team in this manner.

Who are Skiddle?

We are a primary ticket outlet, which means we deal directly with event organisers to supply tickets for their events, providing the ticketing technology that we’ve developed since 2001 to help them manage their ticketed inventory and sell tickets.

On top of this we are also the UK’s largest what’s on guide, listing hundreds of thousands of events from around the UK (including PNE matches) which means we are ideally placed to promote events. It’s important to emphasize that we aren’t a secondary ticketing outlet and that we work closely with events to ensure they maximize their potential.

Many event tickets we sell are sold as e-tickets which means anyone buying these types of tickets don’t get a physical ticket. This has become a norm in the events industry and it’s something we lead the field in a number of years ago, we do however send out tens of thousands of physical tickets a year furthermore we have also developed event entry management technology that’s used in a number of venues around the UK.

Skiddle is one of the busiest ticket selling websites in the UK, over the last 12 months more than 7 million unique users have visited Skiddle. According to Alexa, we are the 549th most visited website in the UK and currently are the most visited Festival Guide.

Why are we sponsoring Preston North End?

We believe that when working well, sponsorship is a two way street in which two organisations can become more than the sum of their parts. We hope to benefit from the association with such an established brand with a more varied demographic market than our own, increase our visibility both locally and nationally whilst providing PNE with an additional channel to promote matches and events to previously untapped audiences.

We’re a reasonably well established brand in the event going community, however we aren’t that well known in Preston, employing 15 people in the city centre and having been based here ever since the website was launched in 2001, this is something we hope to change.

Thinking about the above, Preston North End seemed like an obvious choice.

Are the boards yellow or orange?

As part of our sponsorship arrangement we’ve placed large panels underneath the fixture boards at Deepdale. The panels are a yellowy/orange colour which maximises our visibility on this busy roadside. Officially our logo is black on white or black on yellow, or alternatively and more regularly, white on black (see below).

The yellow in our brand can be seen on our events pages here. We chose a reflective material for the signs outside Deepdale and this limited our choice of colours, as such the colour we chose was the closest to the yellow we use in our branding.

Into the future

Skiddle’s sponsorship of Preston North End is just the beginning of the journey, it has lead to a number of exciting opportunities for Skiddle and we feel we’ve already assisted PNE in reaching new markets for matches and events alike. This is something we wish to continue to do and is a relationship we will continue to develop.

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