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Start adding Freshers Events to Skiddle

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 18 Jul 2013
  • 4 min read

We may be just into the latter end of July however it’s time to start thinking about how to promote your freshers events.

Even through Freshers takes place in late September and early October, Skiddle is already seeing a growth in the number of frehsers related searches taking place on the site. We anticipate this will really start to pick up in the first week of August and will explode when A’level students start getting their results in the middle of August (this year it’s the 15th August).

The data from 2012’s Google Trends for the word Freshers clearly demonstrates the growth in this traffic area last year. Expect a similar trend to happen this year:

While most event promoters are still concentrating on the promotion of their August Bank Holiday events, those event promoters that are already well into the marketing of their freshers events are bound maximize their event’s potential. If it’s a case of deciding whether to promote freshers or August Bank Holiday freshers definitely gets more traffic!

Freshers is rapidly becoming the generic term for the period at the start of the school year, rapidly losing the connotations that it once had, in which it was a week dedicated to the induction of first years, now it’s a period of time generally lasting 3 – 4 weeks in which students starting or restarting their university year take time to party and celebrate being at uni.

Attracting students and keeping them for their university life

For event and venues, freshers week represents a great opportunity to capture students, often this results in the student’s patronage for the rest of their university career.

We’re in the process of bringing our freshers guides up to date, to make sure we get the most people on Skiddle as possible, providing them with the maximum amount of relevant content so they progress to finding out more about the events listed and on sale with Skiddle.

Skiddle’s Freshers Guide is made up of both national and local freshers guides which are ranked highly in the search results and which lead to high traffic levels throughout the run up to and even during the Freshers period.

Isn’t it a bit early to promote freshers events?

If you’re thinking it’s a bit early to add freshers events think again. Most students have a good idea how they’ve done in their A-levels and those confident in their results will already be starting to plan what they’ll get up to in that first few weeks, those that think they’ve not done so well might be actively looking at different cities to work out which offers the best nightlife. Either way, promoting freshers events as early as possible is a great opportunity.

To get your events included in Skiddle’s Freshers Guide head over to our Promotion Centre and get your event listed with tickets on sale.

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