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Skiddle Update: Discount Codes, Cool:Off & more

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 16 Mar 2023
  • 6 min read

Welcome back! In this week’s Skiddle Update, we’ll be giving you a chance to get early access to a much-requested feature: discount codes. 

Yeah, that’s right: we’re in the testing stage. And we need your help. Elsewhere, we’re looking at ‘Cool:Off’, showing you how AI can help with event promotion. Finally, we’ve got some tips from a Manchester institution on how to build an inclusive and long-running club nigh

Sound interesting? Scroll down and discover more. 

Discount codes for customers

Discount codes are nearly here. We know you’ve been asking for them for a while, and our team have been hard at work developing this new feature. Now, you’ll have the power to offer deals to your customers. 

Want to reward our fantastic NHS staff with money off your next event?  Or perhaps your loyal customers?

With this feature, you can. And no need to set up any additional tickets. You’ll be able to create up to 50 promotions per event, each offering either a percentage or fixed discount.

You’ll be able to apply discounts to either specific tickets, or all tickets on your event, plus limit how many times each discount code can be used.

It’s a very powerful, flexible feature which will save you lots of time if you run promotions. But we need you. Would you like to offer your customers a discount? Get in touch on the email or phone number at the bottom of the email to be involved with beta testing, starting very soon. Your customers will thank you. 

Flexibility & peace of mind with Cool:Off

Everyone wants to have a good time. However, work, life and other commitments can get in the way. How many times have you gleefully made plans, only to find out a couple of days later: it’s a distant cousin’s wedding you can’t wriggle out of?

Or, you might’ve accidentally ordered a ticket for the wrong venue. If you’ve done it, so have your customers. Which means you know how annoying it is to be left out of pocket. Worse still, most ticket vendors don’t offer any refund protections. You can sell the ticket, but no one wants to do that when they’ve made a genuine mistake. 

So, where do we come in? With ‘Cool:Off’. It’s a feature of the Promotion Centre that allows you to set a window between 72 hours and 28 days (our recommended default is 72 hours). Within this period, customers can cancel their order, no questions asked. 

Now, you might be thinking: I want to encourage people to buy tickets, not be able to return them. And what about my last week sales? I don’t want to get a load of refunds in a crucial week.  

Which, of course, we understand. 

But it’ll give your customers flexibility. And with flexibility comes security. When we ran tests, our stats showed offering the service boosted ticket sales by up to 22%. For the events Cool:Off was enabled, less than 0.5% of customers claimed a refund.

This flexibility can encourage people to buy. They’ve got the peace of mind that if they need to cancel, they won’t be left out of pocket. Think of it as a safety net. Plus, the window is available up to a week before your event, so your last week sales are protected. 

Click here to read more about Cool:Off.

How can I use AI to assist event promotion?

From students using it for essay writing to people simplifying the words of legendary novelists, it seems everyone has been having a go with ChatGPT lately.

It can’t run your whole event just yet. But it can help you automate a few processes when promoting. We’ve got a couple of reasons to use the AI below. 

ChatGPT header

For inspiration: Putting together a content marketing plan and struggling for inspiration? Use ChatGPT. It can generate topics for blog posts, which you can use or develop into something else. 

For efficiency: You can use the tool to generate short and extended descriptions for your event listings on Skiddle. From there, you can edit the copy, adding the relevant information. 

So, that’s why you’d use ChatGPT to assist your events. But what about how? Click here to find out. We put together a guide on how it can help you with our Promotion Centre and when generating ideas for content marketing. 

Running an inclusive club night with the Homoelectric team

Recently, we had the pleasure of interviewing the Homoelectric team. 

The club night, based in Manchester, has been running for more than twenty years. So, they’ve got a lot of gems to share. 

Homoelectric banner

And share them they did. Want to find out more? Click the image above to find out how to foster an inclusive environment at your club night, some gems on Manchester’s queer scene of the 1980s and more.

Got a question you need an answer to? Give us a call on 03333010301 or ask us a question over on the Skiddle Promoter Twitter account by clicking or tapping on the button below. Alternatively, you can also find a list of our most frequently asked questions over at https://help.promotioncentre.co.uk/

Skiddle Promoter Twitter Banner

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