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Jimmy Carr’s Head and Skiddle Bus in Convoy to Wickerman

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 09 Jul 2013
  • 4 min read

We always tell the promoters we work with that we’re more than just a ticket agency. Most primary ticket outlets are just concerned with making sure you sell the most tickets possible in the most efficient manner, whilst that’s essential, having started out as a what’s on guide we naturally have a slightly different institutional perspective on our relationship with the events we work with. This often has positive brand benefits as well as benefits to ticket revenues and normally sees relationships with promoters getting stronger.

Today has seen the Skiddle Bus and a 16foot tall replica(ish) of Jimmy Carr’s head, (which is made of fibreglass and had been commissioned by Walkers Crisps for a Comic Relief special) driven in convoy, from Skiddle’s home town of Preston to the Wickerman Festival site.

The oversized head’s use at The Wickerman is yet to be announced whilst the Skiddle Bus will be used as a multi purpose, internet ready media space by the festival.

The response in the Twittersphere has been phenomenal, with many people picking up on the hashtag #jimmysheed whilst posting photos of the massive head on the back of a flat bed truck. With a number of team members generating interest on social media, the campaign was well received and generated a lot of interest, which ultimately lead to interest in the Wickerman Festival itself.

Images posted to Twitter and Facebook by passers-by include some of the following:

Here’s a shot of the Jimmy Carr head taking a break from the journey with the Skiddle Bus:

Just imagine what it looked like to those people passing the convoy on the Great British highways and byways – the interest it generated was great. It even got picked up by ITV National News the BBC:

To back this up we created the URL https://www.skiddle.com/jimmysheed which redirected through to a stripped back version of the Wickerman page on Skiddle, which included vital information and a ticketbox and a Google map with a pin, tracking the progress of Jimmy’s Heed on it’s way to Scotland from Preston.

When working with Skiddle, it’s not just a case of setting up a ticket shop and you collecting whatever money you can on the event listed on Skiddle. We believe most events need to be creatively pushed and we therefore work closely with event promoters to make sure we get the best out of our event promoter partnerships.

Speak to one of Skiddle’s account management team directly to get the best advice on how to further promote your events in association with Skiddle.com. If you’ve not already, the first step is getting your event listed and doing that’s simple just head over to the Promotion Centre and register your account now.

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