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How does Skiddle Promote Events?

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 07 Jul 2013
  • 5 min read

We understand it can be a bit frustrating to see a booking fee added on top of the face value of a ticket for your event. After all, if you sold the tickets yourself, you wouldn’t have to charge your customers a booking fee or better still you’d be able to keep some of the fee as additional revenue for your event.

If you’ve ever thought about the booking fee in this way (and it’s ok, we don’t mind if you have), please bear in mind the work Skiddle does to help you promote those events. It’s not just a case of you adding a listing to Skiddle, selecting the ticket sales option and that’s it. At Skiddle we’re constantly reinvesting in the company and our marketing, to ensure we’re able to support the growing number of events and users using Skiddle.com week in, week out. 

Since our very inception in 2001 we’ve been leading the field as a tech based business offering promotional solutions for the events sector. Our initial innovation was becoming the first listings website that facilitated an event promoter to upload an event to the website without requiring human intervention, (a pretty revolutionary concept in 2001), this was before people had even dreamt up the phrase Web 2.0 or had realised the possibilities of user generated content.

From that day to now we have constantly reinvested in the site to ensure Skiddle’s technology leads the way and our team of in-house developers work tirelessly to ensure we find new and innovative ways for events to be found. These include the first Facebook ticketshop, the first Facebook Timeline integrated ticketshop and most recently by creating the most advanced festival search function on the market: The Festival Finder.

As a tech business it’s easy to take for granted that Skiddle is constantly developing the website and doing the kind of things with technology that would knock the socks off silicon valley’s elite, but that’s not all we’ve been up to. Over the years we’ve been constantly marketing both offline and online to our customers and our potential customers. Online this has been through editorial content, or social media or via search marketing, focusing our time in the areas that increase the chances for your events to be found.

At the moment we’re in the middle of Festival and Ibiza seasons, as such we’ve got national campaigns running for both of these, targeting both online and offline audiences. If you’re anywhere near one of the major population centres in the UK, there’s every likelihood you’re going to bump into one of our posters, be given a flyer or be confronted by a Skiddle branded billboard.

Below you’ll see examples of Festival and Ibiza posters. These represent the most recent Skiddle marketing artwork to hit the streets:


It’s not just about posters dotted around the country, online we run pay per click advertising campaigns using display banners, consistent to the campaign message, to ensure customers that have previously seen specified events or areas on Skiddle are retargeted and directed back to the relevant section of the website. This often gives the events in that section a second chance to impress and dramatically increased the conversion rates of the website as a whole.

Ultimately we’re doing all this to sell more tickets, the more tickets we sell, the more booking fee comes in, the more people we can employ and the more marketing we can carry out to continue to develop Skiddle’s presence in the hearts and minds of the UK’s event going public. Hopefully, if you’ve ever questioned the need for booking fees you’ll see from the above that Skiddle does quite a lot with that booking fee to try to help you promote your events.

If you aren’t already benefiting from being part of the UK’s largest what’s on guide, or haven’t fully utilised our services, head over to the Promotion Centre and discover why so many event promoters are turn to Skiddle.com

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