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How to promote a St Patrick’s Day Event

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 31 Jan 2013
  • 4 min read

You might think it’s a bit early to be thinking about St Patrick’s Day, however as soon as Valentine’s Day is out of the way you can rest assured the event goers out there will start to think about the next big occasion on the events calendar. This year that’s St Patrick’s Day (taking place on the 18th March).

So when you are thinking about how to promote your St Patrick’s Day event you really need to first of all decide who you are targeting. For example, some (if not most) St Patrick Day events are a pastiche of their Irish roots, being more Disneyland than Ireland – these events are full of big green hats, fake orange hair and everyone pretending to drink Guinness.

On the other hand those with a more traditional Celtic scene may go for a more authentic Irish event, which may include fiddles and singing, poetry reading, often a fair amount of rugby and probably plenty of real Guinness drinking!

Using Social Media to Promote St Patrick’s Day Events

If you’ve got a decent following of your social media channels you’re going to be able to get some good interactions surrounding your plans for St Patrick’s Day, keep letting people know what you are doing and what your plans are for the event.

Be sure to use the appropriate hashtag on Twitter, this can seriously increase the number of people that view your tweets, especially if that hashtag starts to trend (and it’s likely that it will do close up to St Patrick’s Day.

Benefiting from St Patrick’s Day Festival Week

St Patrick’s Day is a massive event and the celebrations are especially long if you live in London where they tend to take place over the course of a week. That’s great news because it means you don’t have to worry about just using the closest weekend to St Patrick’s Day and can run multiple events all around the theme of St Patrick’s Day. The best idea is probably to use the additional time to run up to and create a buzz about the main St Patrick’s event.

How to make your St Patrick’s Day Event Stand out from the Crowd

In the lead up to St Patrick’s Day you’ll notice that most venues are putting on some kind of St Patrick’s Day event or another, so you’ve got to think about how to make your St Patrick’s Day event stand out from the crowd. Whatever you do, just come up with something more original than a discount rate on Guinness.

Bring that bit of authentic Irishness into the event, we’ve done the plastic years, people are looking for an original experience, so try and look for something that really reflects Irish culture. You can almost guarantee that most of the lazy event promoters around you will go fake Irish – it’s the easy option.

Skiddle’s St Patrick’s Day Guide

By adding a listing to Skiddle.com you’ll automatically be included in our St Patrick’s Day guide. The St Patrick’s Day guide works by grouping together events taking place on St Patrick’s Day whilst giving preference to those that refer to St Patrick or indeed Ireland in their title or event description. To be added to our St Patrick’s Day Guide add your event through the Skiddle Promotion Centre.


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