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Facebook Buy Tickets Button Tested For Events

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 13 Feb 2013
  • 3 min read

There’s been plenty of chatter about Facebook’s testing of various Buy Tickets buttons on it’s event pages, this has lead to speculation across various websites that Facebook will one day become a player in the ticket arena, however conversations we’ve had with Facebook indicate this isn’t immediately in the cards. The types of events that have been found so far appear to mainly be small events, however they’ve been spotted throughout the word. The Next Web indicated that they believed the functionality was only available in Israel and the Netherlands however comments on this post seem to indicate they’ve been seen by people in a variety of different countries.

Having spoken to developers and the partnership team at Facebook we’ve been informed at the moment its just a text field in which you can type whatever link into it you want, this means event promoters can add a link back to the relevant page on Skiddle (or back to their white-labelled ticket shop) in order to direct people where they want them to buy the tickets from.

Our contact in the partnership team indicated that they wouldn’t be recommending any ticket outlets saying it’s simply up to the page admins to “do their own research”. In that respect nothing much changes, and perhaps putting an end to the speculation in the industry, there was no indication that this would be a route Facebook would be going down.

Adding A Buy Tickets Button On Facebook Events Page

We’ve now added the ability to add this link into our Facebook integration so anyone who publishes an event from our system will have the link featured on there automatically. To add a buy tickets button on your Facebook event page all you have to do if go to our Promotion Centre and set up an event, our create a Facebook event listing button will do all the work for you.

If you’ve already got a Facebook events page, just link your event up in the Promotion Centre to benefit from all our Facebook Integrated functionality and then head over to your Facebook Event Page’s admin page and add a link back to the page on Skiddle you’re selling your tickets on.

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