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Having an open mind when promoting events

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 20 Feb 2013
  • 4 min read

Having an open mind is really important when you’re promoting an event, as is having great and astute situational awareness, being able to understand the behaviour and patterns in the behaviour as well as having an aptitude for creativity.

The traits mentioned above aren’t necessarily traits that you’d associate with each other and those old stereotypes stand that make us think that creative people can’t be analytically and those analytical types can’t be creative.

Creative vs Analytical is often referred to as right-brain (creative) vs left-brain (analytical) skill sets, and although it’s true people do seem to gravitate towards one area of functioning, you can develop your skill-set in the opposite area.

As there are more and more events coming on-stream (and online), and they have more visibility due to platforms such as Facebook it is becoming evident that the event promoter needs to understand the patterns that affect their business, by analysing data and other information and bringing various sources of information together to get the maximum amount of meaning. For example, users of Skiddle’s Promotion Centre have a wide selection of analytics that enable them to make choices about the promotion of their events, similarly Facebook Event Pages have some degree of insights backing the.

The thing is, data is often contradictory, and it often contradicts what you believe is going on. As an event promoter it’s really important you work out which decisions are made on fact, which are made on faith and which decisions are made on pure fiction.

20 Excuses Made When Trying To Promote An Event

These are excuses you might make yourself or excuses other people around you might come up with when you come up with ideas about how to better promote your event.

  1. “We’ve tried that before and it didn’t work”
  2. “I’ve decided now, don’t confuse the issue with data”
  3. “We don’t have time to look at it”
  4. “We’ve never done it before”
  5. “We won’t get everyone to agree to it”
  6. “We aren’t ready for that kind of change”
  7. “That goes against our policy on these things”
  8. “It could cost too much”
  9. “People would laugh at us”
  10. “We do OK without it”
  11. “Where did you dig that one up from?”
  12. “We do things differently from other events”
  13. “We’re too small to do that”
  14. “It will make our existing technology obsolete”
  15. “It would be too much of a hassle”
  16. “Let’s have a meeting to discuss it”
  17. “We’re too busy to do that”
  18. “Provide a detailed report focusing on the implications”
  19. “If it’s such a good idea, we’d have done it already”
  20. “That won’t work for us”

It’s really easy not to have an open mind when you’re promoting an event however, if you find yourself coming up with the kind of event promotion excuses listed above take a step back and think about how you could overcome the excuse (possibly before it even occurs!).

Just make sure that you are considering all the data you have to hand and act on it without making any excuses. To find out how your event would benefit from the data in Skiddle’s Promotion Centre visit: Analyse Your Event On Skiddle.

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