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Using Facebook to promote events in the future

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 17 Jan 2013
  • 4 min read

Facebook has finally got round to announcing the launch of their new search functionality. They’re calling it Graph Search and it represents the first stage of their social search mechanism that will see them become less reliant on Bing and an increasing threat to Google in the coming months.

Graph Search could provide some seriously interesting opportunities for the events industry. Our industry is made on the social buzz surrounding an event, you’re hoping your event goer is going to tell everyone they work with and all their mates about the event they go to and hopefully all their contacts will pop along too.

Facebook has clearly demonstrated for a good few years how beneficial it can be to the events industry and with the redevelopment of the timeline functionality last year this has improved a great deal (something Skiddle was able to capitalise on with our creation of the first Timeline Integrated Facebook Ticket Shop).

Will Graph Search Help Events Sell More Tickets?

So how will their new social search function help you sell more event tickets? Simple, it will help you find out what you like on Facebook based on what your interests are and what your friends have shared with you. This is personalisation based on your circle of friends, there’s not an algorithm somewhere in the background that’s trying to work out what you like based on your previous searches and choices, this is just simply based on your group of friends, and that’s how we work in the real work, we get recommendations from our friends or people we trust before we do anything.

You should also expect that there’s going to be more ways to advertise, since floating Facebook has been trying to work out how to increase their advertising revenues and this looks to be a way they are going to go about it.

All the above should make you happier, Facebook is going to become an even more social space and if you’re on Facebook your event is going to be socialised or potentially have increased virility.

This new social search from Facebook will be specifically orientated towards people finding people, places, photos and interests – events will come into this somewhere along the line, no doubt.

Facebook Ticket Shop from Skiddle

Watch this space it’s still early doors as to what Graph Search is going to be and how people are going to benefit from it but rest assured early adopters will be in a great position, the key is making people want to share their content about your event as much as possible as this is what will make it appear in the search results. That is something you can do – once you’ve got people onto your Facebook Page make sure you’ve got Skiddle Facebook Ticket Shop App set up and running so you’ve got more chance of converting them.

Simply log into the Skiddle Promotion Centre to get started.

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