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RapidScan updates to iOS & new RapidScan launching on Android!

  • By Rich

  • 27 Apr 2021
  • 3 min read

Today’s your lucky day, because we’re treating you with a preview of our RapidScan iOS update and what’s to come for the RapidScan app on Android in the next coming weeks. The RapidScan app has been completely rewritten so we can give you the best experience possible! 

RapidScan gives you real-time figures of exactly how many people have entered your event so it’s perfect for your COVID-compliant events. You can also see a breakdown by ticket type, or how many people have entered per hour, plus the number of people still left to enter.

Brand new Android features will include:

  • Tags: group ticket types of your choosing for use in statistics and filters.
  • Apply filters from the scan screen allowing you to restrict access to certain ticket types.
  • Order information screen that will tell you specific details of each order/ticket and also when/where it was scanned.
  • Search for customers by more fields, such as barcodes.

Upgrades to Android app include:

  • Scanner sync times are now near instant.
  • Huge performance improvements throughout the app and much more scalable.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Real-time statistics.

Download RapidScan via Google Play today, and we’ll be in touch when these features go live.

Don’t worry If you’re an iOS user, because you’ll already have these updates plus a few extras that we updated in our RapidScan app earlier last year: 

  • Filter statistics by time.
  • Dark mode – this will switch the theme of the app from bright white to dark colours (following the iPhone device settings).
  • Box office refresh – performance has been improved and now supports the latest iZettle card readers. iZettle accounts are also now logged out when logging out of the RapidScan app.

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