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How to Blog as Part of Your Event Marketing Campaign

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 26 Nov 2012
  • 4 min read

you may or may not yet be a blogger, if you’re not your event doesn’t have a presence in the blogosphere, if you are, are you really doing enough?

Having been blogging for a good number of years, it’s safe to say the blogosphere has grown massively and these days it seems as though every man and their dog has a blog. Blogging is a great method to get things out there to really push content out to the world, no matter what you’re interested in you can be sure there’s someone out there that is searching for the kind of content you’re putting out there.

The thing is – have you thought about using your blog as part of your events marketing campaign?

Why should you blog in your event marketing campaign?

The thing about blogging is it’s a very personal medium, so when you are shouting about your event, blogging is a way to make it seem a bit less impersonal than a straight display marketing campaign might do.

Many event promoters launch their events on their own blogs, the thing is to keep people coming back for more to find out more information about the event, regular daily updates, photos and discussions about how the preparations are coming together behind the scenes should be enough, another favourite with event bloggers is lineup announcements.

With the million or so visitors we get to Skiddle each month, you can be sure if you send some content through to us for the site it’s going to get a huge amount of visibility so make sure whatever you’re blogging about you get it sent through to us (don’t worry if it’s a bit rough, our editorial team will craft it into something worthy of Shakespeare).

Create fresh content on your website

Creating fresh content on your website is essential to get more people to keep coming back for more (and Google!). Make sure you get as much out of that content as possible – it’s likely there are several ways to look at each piece of content you’ve created, you also need to syndicate the content as much as possible getting links back to your site (without getting loads of duplicate content out there).

Guest blogging to promote your event

So you can get your content on your own website, and you can send it through to be included on Skiddle.com, however if you find a popular blogger who has an interest in the subject of your event build up a relationship with them, if you can provide them to let you contribute to your site as a guest blogger you’ll be able to raise your events profile by tapping into their audience.

If you aren’t the best writer in the world, you can be sure someone that’s involved with your event will be interested in it and their passion for writing will stream through which will in turn encourage more people to come back time and time again.

Blogging is an essential part of the mix in promoting your event, coupled with a resource such as Skiddle you should have no problem in making your event achieve the success it rightfully should.

Visit the Promotion Centre now for more information about promoting your event with Skiddle.

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