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How secure is your ticket outlet?

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 15 Aug 2014
  • 2 min read

With cyber security being in the news every week and high profile brands being ‘hacked’, it’s important that when you choose a ticket outlet, you do some research to ensure they follow security best-practices to protect your customers from fraud.

Every website that accepts card transactions needs to incorporate security measures to ensure the cardholder’s confidential details (including payment info) are kept secure. You will already be familiar with the padlock symbol showing the transmission of data is protected by SSL – this is a very basic measure that all websites should utilise.

However, not all websites incorporate these measures correctly, meaning they offer a false promise of security and could lead to card details and personal information being leaked to third-parties.

So how can you check how secure your ticket outlet is?

A useful resource is the Qualys SSL tester, a simple online test, where you can enter the web address of your chosen service, and get a simple rating (A-F), with A being the best. To use this, simply pop some tickets into your basket and when you’re on the SSL protected page, pop the domain name into the checker.

Here’s an example for Skiddle:


And another for our Promotion Centre:

Our servers all score A or A+ and are also tested monthly for vulnerabilities, with patches applied within 24 hours. We also employ an external security company to perform penetration tests to check our security (this is a good guy purposely trying to ‘hack’ a website, so we can address any issues before the baddies find them!)

You should also check with your ticket outlet that they are PCI Compliant.

If you’d like more info about how we keep your customer’s payment details secure, just get in touch

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