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Try our new DIY payment plan builder, an industry first!

  • By Rich

  • 24 Jun 2021
  • 4 min read

Sick of having no flexibility in choosing customer payment plans? In a never seen before feature, we’re pleased to announce that we’re giving our promoters control over their own payment plans to offer customers. Payment plans have been used to maximise sales due to the nature of paying off the cost in instalments and while Skiddle has been supporting this feature for a number of years, we’re proud to announce that we’re giving our promoters flexibility on adding this yourselves.

A payment plan is a ticket system that allows customers to spread the cost of their ticket over a number of months. Payment Plan tickets are broken down into three main parts, such as below:

Deposit: Initial non-refundable payment plus the booking fee and delivery charges

Instalment: The middle or part payments

Balance: The final payment and conclusion of the payment plan

More on payment plans here (please make sure you’re logged into the Promotion Centre before viewing).

All you need to do is join our our beta Promotion Centre to get started. You must already have a Promotion Centre account in order to do this.

If you want to add a payment plan ticket to a new event, as you’re creating the listing you will see the option to create a regular ticket or the option to add a separate payment plan ticket (as per below):

You will then be directed to the payment plan builder below. Similarly, if you have already created an event and want to add payment plan tickets, go to your events dashboard, click on the relevant event and your tickets section, and you should see a payment plan builder button.

The payment plan builder will look like this:

Add name of payment plan which should match the name of your tickets. When the payment plan is created this will be the name of your tickets e.g ‘Weekend ticket – deposit’.

You will have the option to enter your event date, how long your deposit tickets will be available until, the allocation and cost, how many more additional instalments and the amount of these instalments. The system will then automatically ensure there are at least 30 days between payments.

Customers will be sent 3 reminder notifications of a missed payment. After this they can resume the payment plan manually.

There will also be an example to the right hand side (as below) of how your payment structure will work to make things as easy as possible.

Everything you need to know about payment plans | How to create a payment plan (please make sure you’re logged into the Promotion Centre before viewing these articles)

At Skiddle, we’re passionate about making the process as easy to understand as possible so let us know if you have any feedback. If you need any assistance on how to use the payment plan builder or are having any trouble, then please contact Account Support at promoters[at]skiddle.com or ring 03333 01 03 01.

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