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An update to Facebook API conversions

  • By Rich

  • 13 Jun 2021
  • 5 min read

Following changes to tracking introduced in iOS14, promoters may find their purchase conversion figures have started to drop. This is due to Apple limiting the data that can be sent to Facebook, plus giving the opportunity to users to opt-out.

We realise that running ad campaigns is a vital part of any event’s success. As such, Skiddle have taken steps to mitigate this recent change.

What’s new to Facebook API conversions?

Promoters can already add their tracking pixel to Skiddle, to help track conversion events. This works well but is affected by ‘signal loss’ – ie when these events don’t fire properly they can reduce the number of conversions reported in your Ad Manager. This can be due to network issues, ad-blockers, or more recently, iOS14 privacy opt-outs. It also currently includes any app purchases which can’t fire the pixel.

Skiddle now also send purchase conversion events to Facebook via our server. This involves no pixels and therefore the signal quality is much higher. We still send the browser pixel, and Facebook will automatically deduplicate the events based on the data we provide to them. This ensures there’s always two independent methods for tracking a purchase, should one fail.

How will this affect my Ad Campaigns?

Introduction of the Conversions API will ensure your ‘Purchase’ tracking within your ad campaigns is as accurate as possible, and should not be negatively affected by iOS14.

Please note, you can no longer optimise your ads for conversions (see update info here) due to the new Apple restrictions, however you can still view and report on purchase conversions.

Will purchases via the Skiddle app be tracked?

Yes. With just the pixel, it’s not previously been possible to track sales for 3rd party ad  accounts via the app. If you enable Conversions API, all sales from all channels will be sent to Facebook so you get a complete overview of your conversions, no matter which channel they were made from.

If the data is being sent to Facebook twice, will this double my conversion stats?

No, we send a lot of metadata with both the pixel and server events to ensure they can be de-duplicated. This data includes a unique orderID which means Facebook will not track the same order twice.

What impact is this likely to have on statistics?

Our initial testing has shown that browser pixel conversion reporting may be between 10-30% lower than actual purchases. We expect this number to increase as more users install the iOS14 update. Once the Conversions API has been activated, this loss should reduce to near zero.

How do I activate Conversions API?

To activate, you need to generate an Access Token for your pixel, as follows:

  • Open Business Manager and select the correct business associated with your pixel
  • Go to ‘More tools’ > Events Manager
  • Locate the pixel that you wish to use to track. If you’ve already setup a pixel on Skiddle, you must use the same pixel.
  • On the pixel, go to Settings. Ensure ‘Automatic Advanced Matching’ is ON, then click ‘Show Options” and ensure each option is turned ON
  • Scroll down to Conversions API
  • Click ‘Generate Access Token’.
  • Please copy the entire access token and enter it into the ‘Tracking’ menu on the Promotion Centre or provide this to your Account Manager. Please also send over the Pixel ID so we can ensure they match. Example below:

If you have any issues with this please contact your dedicated Account Manager.

About Skiddle

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