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Promoting St Paddy’s Events Online

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 21 Feb 2014
  • 4 min read

There’s nothing we like more than an excuse to turn on the Guinness and let the punters pretend they like it (alright a few of them probably do), this St Patrick’s Day is going to see countless pints of the black stuff bought and drank and there’s a great opportunity for you to get in on the action with a St. Patrick’s themed event.

Last year’s St Patrick’s Day guide was really successful both nationally and locally and since the start of the year we’re already seeing a higher take up by both event promoters and the general public (to date we’ve had an 80% growth in St Paddy’s related content year on year). This is great news, especially when you consider St Patrick’s Day landed on a Sunday last year and this year it’s lands on a Monday where you might think there would be less chance of activity.

When do people start looking for St Patrick’s Day Events?

Although there’s an interest for St Patrick’s Day events from the start of the year, the interest builds up steadily until the Monday of the first week in March when people start to think about it, after that they really start making decisions about what they’re going to be doing to mark the occasion on the Monday before St Patrick’s Day / Weekend (generally St Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the Saturday closest to the actual day).

The day has been dominated by a lot free to attend St Patrick’s Day events and pub crawls, however over the last couple of years punters have been demanding more creative themed events during this part of the season, so expect to be competing with some fairly unique and novel events this year – make sure your listing stands out!

Promoting Your St Patrick’s Day Event Online

By adding a listing to Skiddle which includes keywords related to St Patrick’s Day (such as Patrick, Paddy, Guinness etc), you’ll automatically be included in our St Patrick’s Day guide. Bear in mind that even if you’re not holding a St Paddy’s themed event, the St Patrick’s Day guides will get hundreds of thousands of visitors looking to us to help them plan their weekend, so by just mentioning your event is taking place on St Patrick’s Day will trigger your event to appear in the guides in your local area, giving you additional promotion.

The St Patrick’s Day guide works by grouping together events taking place on St Patrick’s Day whilst giving preference to those that refer to St Patrick or indeed Ireland in their title or event description. To be added to our St Patrick’s Day Guide add your event through the Skiddle Promotion Centre.

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