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Promoting Valentine’s Day Events Online

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 03 Feb 2014
  • 3 min read

Today’s the day that people start thinking about Valentine’s Day. A week on Friday people from all around the world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. As it’s on a Friday this year there’s bound to be more people looking to do something a bit more interesting that evening.

Hopefully you’re already taking advantage of the opportunity and have your Valentine’s Day event well and truly underway.

How Skiddle can help promote your Valentine’s Day event

If you’ve not already added your event to Skiddle make sure you do. This year we expect around 500,000 people from across the UK will use Skiddle to plan what they’re going to do on Valentine’s Day. Of course a proportion of those users will be thinking about hotels and restaurants, however it’s likely the majority will be looking at events.

As long as you’re event features the word Valentine or Romance and takes place around Valentine’s Day you’ll be featured in both the local and national Valentine’s Day Guides and as both are highly ranking at anyone time, hopefully we’ll be able to deliver your event some great traffic.

Our marketing campaign is now in full swing, if you’ve been on our social media accounts (such as Google Plus; Facebook; Twitter or Linkedin) you should have already seen our Valentine’s Day artwork.

Additionally you might have seen our Valentine’s Day banner ads that are being used on a select number of websites. The campaign is about guiding the user to use Skiddle to plan their own Valentine’s Day by selecting a restaurants, event and hotel.

Plus we’ve stepped up our retargeting campaign (this is an online display advertising campaign that show’s people the event they’ve previously viewed, on various websites, if they’ve not already bought tickets) during this period

As we’re now in full swing of Valentine’s Day, if you need any help getting your event out there get in touch with your account manager or email actmanagers@skiddle.com or by calling 0843 289 2489, there are loads of ways we can help your event get the visibility it deserves.

Sell Valentine’s Day event tickets online with Skiddle

Remember to maximise the potential of being in our Valentine’s Day guides make sure you’ve given Skiddle a ticket allocation, if you’ve not done this already head over to skiddle.com/promotion

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