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The Skiddle News Round-Up

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 25 Aug 2023
  • 5 min read

Photo credit: Green Man Festival / Facebook.com 

Looking for all the event industry news?

We’ve got you covered.

Welcome to the Skiddle News Round-Up, where every couple of weeks, we’ll deliver a recap of all the happenings in the industry. Think festival news, new initiatives, capacity reports and more.

If it’s interesting, we’ll aim to cover it.

Scroll down to get all the happenings in the event industry.

Fyre Festival II tickets go on sale…and sell out

Remember Fyre Festival? Well, it’s back. We don’t know how, we don’t know why, but we do know that the first set of tickets for the second edition of the event went on sale this Monday. 

That was shocking. After the debacle that ensued after the first festival, the damaged reputation and the subsequent jail sentence for its promoter Billy McFarland, we thought something like this could never get off the ground. 

Tickets went on sale at a whopping $499, and, shockingly, the event has sold out. 

No line-up, dates or venue have been announced for the second edition of the festival, but McFarland has taken to TikTok to tell the world that the event will take place in “the Caribbean” and that he’ll be doing “pop-ups and events across the world”. 

We’ll be watching closely to see how this unfolds. In the meantime, check out our article on why you shouldn’t take inspiration from Fyre Festival and Billy McFarland. 

Green Man Festival 2023 was the greenest edition yet

Green Man Festival has always had an emphasis on sustainability, but this year’s edition was the greenest yet. 

The festival implemented a zero-landfill policy, a ban on single-use plastics and the use of 100% renewable fuel, with many stages run on solar and hydrogen power. 

Speaking about the festival, owner and MD Fiona Stewart said: 

“Sustainability and inclusivity are part of Green Man, and 2023 was our greenest year yet. Being the first music festival in Wales to be awarded the Gold Charter for improving disabled people’s access to music from Attitude is Everything illustrates that everyone gets a warm Welsh welcome at Green Man. Diolch to everyone who made it happen.”

12,500 people watched the Lionesses at All Points East

The Lionesses might have lost the World Cup Final last weekend, but they’ll be buoyed by the support from the country. 

One example of this is at All Points East festival, where 12,500 fans flocked to the fan zone to cheer on England. 

It’s a testament to the growing popularity of the women’s game, and we’re sure that the number of people cheering on the Lionesses in future tournaments will only grow from here on out. 

BPI to open a ‘Brit School North’ in Bradford

The British Phonography Institute has got the green light to open a ‘BRIT School North’ college, aimed at 16-19 year olds in the city of Bradford. 

The specialist college will aim to focus on producing the next generation of performers and also train young people with the technical skills needed to keep the industry thriving. 

It’s based on the successful model of the BRIT School in Croydon, and we think it’s a fantastic way of creating infrastructure for the up-and-coming talents in both the UK and North West. 

Nearly 28% of music industry staff have had no work in the EU since Brexit

The Independent Society of Musicians (ISM) report that 47.4% of musicians and music industry workers have had less work in the EU since January 2021 than they did before Brexit, while more than 27.8% said that they have had no work at all in the EU. 

The news comes from the ISM’s survey of over 400 music sector workers, with the survey finding that restrictions from the Trade and Cooperation Act (TCA) have damaged musicians’ ability to tour, play and work in Europe.

Speaking to The Guardian, Deborah Annetts, the ISM’s chief executive, said: Brexit should never have meant that musicians cannot share their talent freely with our closest neighbours. This damages our country, our soft power and our precious creative talent pipeline.”

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