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Isn’t New Year’s Eve Brilliant: The concept behind our 2023 end-of-year campaign

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 29 Nov 2023
  • 5 min read

As December approaches, it’s nearly time for perhaps the most significant date in the event industry’s calendar: New Year’s Eve.

If you’re a promoter, you’ll likely know just how busy the clubs are on 31st December and the competition involved when putting on events.

Every department at Skiddle is hard at work over the New Year’s period. For the marketing team, the overarching piece of work is the New Year’s campaign, which is put together every year to put Skiddle right in the mind’s eye of eventgoers across the country. The campaign informs the work that the team carry out.

Today, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of the campaign and what we’re trying to achieve with it. Additionally, we’ll let you know how you can sign up to begin listing your event.

Keep scrolling to get the lowdown.

What’s the idea?

Nights out are all about the memories. 

It starts with intangible anticipation, the excitement rising throughout the day as we count down the hours until it’s time to go out. Or maybe it’s what we do before the event, pre-drinks at a friend’s house or a slap-up meal at a fantastic restaurant. 

Then, the night itself. Whether it’s a stacked rave lineup or a sidesplitting evening of comedy, we always remember the conversations in between with friends and the banging tunes and jokes. 

Photo: Aleksandr Popov / Unsplash.com

We’re not forgetting the aftermath, either. Those new friends made in the queue for the taxi that we exchange words with, only to never see again after both parties make their way into the small hours. 

With this year’s campaign, we’re reminding people that it’s the small moments that come together to make a big night memorable. It plays on a feeling of nostalgia, building a connection with people who love events.

How are we going to execute it?

We’re taking inspiration from an eccentric sketch of a certain 90s comedy show and putting our own light-hearted twist on it for an engaging hero video, designed to appeal to all types of eventgoers. 

Alongside the video, our tagline ‘Isn’t New Year Brilliant?’ will be emblazoned on social media assets and blog post headers created by our designer. You’ll also be able to see billboards showing the campaign across London in the lead-up to New Year’s. 

Then, we’ve got paid ads that will show events to the many users of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as our ‘Inspire Me’ pages, which are written by our B2C content team. These pages compile all of the best events by region so attendees can browse for tickets quickly. Our social media team will be creating content for Instagram and TikTok, while also boosting events to our follower base. Finally, we’ll be beaming a TV ad into thousands of homes in the UK this year, so you might see Skiddle’s New Year’s campaign while tucking into your Christmas dinner this year.

Here on the Promotion Centre blog, we’ll be focusing on how you can maximise sales in the New Year’s period, showing you how to use the various Skiddle tools and showing you the ideas behind our campaign.

What do we want to achieve?

Our campaign will show eventgoers that we’re the place to buy tickets. 

Whether it’s club nights, lifestyle events, comedy shows or anything in between, we’ve got listings to suit everyone and the best customer experience when going through the ticket-buying process. 

Photo: Ilyass Rhejjou / Unsplash.com

Earlier, we touched on nostalgia. We’ve seen films like Mean Girls and TV shows like The Sopranos be recreated for adverts over the years, with McDonald’s tapping into nostalgia with their Teletext ad. This can help people make connections and, in Skiddle’s case, encourage them to use our platform to buy tickets for their New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

Where can I sign up to list my events?

Click here to sign up to The Promotion Centre and begin listing your events today. 

Got a question you need an answer to? Give us a call on 03333010301 or ask us a question over on the Skiddle Promoter Twitter account by clicking or tapping on the button below. Alternatively, you can also find a list of our most frequently asked questions over at https://help.promotioncentre.co.uk/

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