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Thanks for your feedback :)

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 08 Aug 2014
  • 2 min read

Since day one, we’ve built Skiddle around feedback from our Promoters and Customers.

Recently we asked our event promoters to leave feedback on how we’re doing, and here’s the results.

Our average score was a massive 9/10 from over 120 reviews- with an overwhelming number of promoters scoring us 10/10 – this makes us very happy! Below are some of the positive comments left by our promoters:

“F… A…B! Easy to use, interactive and informative. 10/10”

“Excellent tool, enables us to promote our events for free, and if we need that extra boost various options to choose from that is not to hefty on our budget  10/10”

“Amazing site!! we love skiddle and has helped our night out huge amounts!!  10/10”

“It is so efficient and easy to use. Keep up the great work 10/10”

But we’re not here to pat our selves on the back (well, maybe a little…) so we pay even more attention to the suggestions and other feedback we receive. Here’s a quick list of improvements that we’ll be making, based on the recent feedback:

  • Better access via mobile phones/tablets – all of www.skiddle.com and our white label websites are now responsive so fully mobile/tablet friendly, We’re now working on adapting the Promotion Centre too.
  • Increase accepted image size – our current limitation is 1mb but we will look into increasing this slightly
  • More stats and insight into how event hits are broken down
  • Ways to add multiple events quicker – you can now very quickly add multiple events at a single venue – read more
  • More ways to push your event – we’re always working on this, for example our recent Mixmag integration

We are also working on some very exciting features which will be rolled out soon! Keep your eyes peeled..!

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