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RapidScan hire over the festive period: All you need to know

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 07 Dec 2023
  • 5 min read

What is undoubtedly the most important, most competitive and most lucrative time of the year for event organisers, the festive season has arrived. However, let’s not get overly excited just yet; it’s not quite the time to break out the Baileys. There’s still plenty of work to be done, to make sure you get the best from your end-of-year celebrations. 

Unsure if your listings are up to scratch? Want to learn more about optimising your events on Skiddle to maximise your return? Why not check out our recently published New Year Event Checklist? You can thank us later. 

One thing you might have overlooked when making arrangements for your festive shenanigans is how to get your customers into your event promptly without, for example, mistakenly accepting fraudulent tickets and risking the safety of those in attendance. 

Have you ever come across our ticket-scanning system, RapidScan? Allow us to shed a little light on what it is and how it works, whilst sharing its many benefits and explaining how you can hire equipment, if necessary, in time for Christmas and the New Year. 

What is RapidScan?

RapidScan is our very own fast-track entry solution, designed to validate the unique barcodes found on your customer’s tickets in seconds, to get them swiftly out of the cold and into your events. The feature is available as a free-to-use app, for both iPhone and Android users, and is suitable for events with up to 5,000 tickets. If you’re organising something a little more elaborate with huge numbers expected, you can hire our RapidScan Enterprise Devices, which benefit from extended battery life, waterproof Motorola scanners, backup power supplies and on-site supervisors.

Why you should use RapidScan at your events?

From real-time data monitoring, offering insight into customers attending your events, vitally important when reporting to licensing and policing officials, to improving customer satisfaction, with the ability to add multiple scanners or app users to your account to help get revellers through the door even quicker – there’s an exhaustive list of benefits.

For more information on how to use our RapidScan feature, check out our ‘How-To’ video tutorial below:

How to hire our RapidScan Enterprise Devices

Our RapidScan Enterprise Devices are hired out on a first-come, first-serve basis. For each order, a dongle must also be hired to ensure the scanners work correctly.

Scanner and dongle prices are as follows:

1 x RapidScan Enterprise device – £50 (Plus VAT)

2 x RapidScan Enterprise device – £95 (Plus VAT)

3 x RapidScan Enterprise device – £135 (Plus VAT)

4 x RapidScan Enterprise device – £180 (Plus VAT)

5 x RapidScan Enterprise device – £210 (Plus VAT)

Dongle hire – £30

For the hire of 6 or more RapidScan Enterprise devices, each scanner will be charged at £30 plus VAT.

All requests for RapidScan Enterprise Devices need to be submitted by Monday 18th December. For further details on how to request scanners please contact our Account Support team on 03333 01 03 01 or reach out to your Account Manager.

Postage dates are as follows:

For events taking place on Christmas Day and/or Boxing Day Wednesday 20th December

For events taking place on New Year’s Eve and/or New Year’s DayWednesday 27th December

Don’t delay, get your orders in right away, or download our iOS or Android apps.

Got a question you need an answer to? Give us a call on 03333010301 or ask us a question over on the Skiddle Promoter Twitter account by clicking or tapping on the button below. Alternatively, you can also find a list of our most frequently asked questions over at https://help.promotioncentre.co.uk/

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