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How to increase the visibility of your event on Skiddle

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 07 Nov 2012
  • 3 min read

Here you’ll find some handy hints about the way Skiddle’s event listings pages work and how you can best position your event from being included therein.

Events on Skiddle are ordered by popularity, meaning the events with the most number of people marked as ‘going to’ will appear higher up the events listings pages and search results, also those events with the most people marked as going will appear on ‘popular events’ sections across the site which also includes the homepage.

How to get an event on the homepage of Skiddle

In order for events to get this higher popularity, visitors can click ‘”I’m going” or buy a ticket. However, Skiddle also enables promoters to link their event to a Facebook event. When this is done, anyone who has RSVP’d on Facebook, will automatically shown in the Skiddle ‘going to’ list, thereby boosting the attending numbers and therefore boosting the popularity of the event. This is a great way to get the event seen on the homepage as well as our regularly newsletters.

How to use Facebook to increase your rankings

Up until now, Skiddle had a separate page in the Skiddle Promotion Centre (under Promotion an Publish) however, we’ve just released a new update of the Promotion Centre, this new update allows you to event either create a new Facebook Event (pre-filled using all the Skiddle event details) or  link to an existing Facebook Event they’ve created, right when they create a Skiddle event (its at the bottom of the Add Event page – see below).

This now means that the whole process is seamless allowing promoters to link up in a very simple fashion. It also means that if promoters visit Skiddle first, they can create their Facebook events automatically without having to re-enter loads of information.

Ultimately, we want to encourage as much linking as possible between the Skiddle and Facebook because we recognise how important Facebook is becoming as a tool in the live events promotion arena.

What else is on the cards from Skiddle?

It’s fair to say, there is always so much development work going on at Skiddle that we could tell you about a hundred different things we’ve got on the boil, however, to whet your appetite,  from next week, when Skiddle customers say they are “going” or buy a ticket, we’ll also RSVP them on the linked Facebook Event, to help promoters build their Facebook list meaning Skiddle will become a two way Facebook sync’d ticket outlet – to you that means less headache and more viral social success!

Visit the Promotion Centre now!

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