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Skiddle & COVID-19 refund policy for event organisers

  • By Rich

  • 02 Aug 2021
  • 4 min read

As the events industry starts to pick up once more, we thought we’d outline our COVID-19 refund policy for your upcoming events. 

We have taken the stance as a business that Skiddle will NOT be authorising refunds if a customer is pinged by Track & Trace or required to isolate, but we have chosen to leave this up to you as a promoter, so you can issue refunds at your own discretion. 

If a customer can no longer attend an event and your event is sold out, we encourage them to use our Re:Sell platform which allows customers to return and resell their tickets to other customers, risk free.  

We also encourage you to communicate with your customers about any changes to your event, and this can all be done in the click of a few buttons without the need to speak to someone, even better! More on how to do this here.

Customers can also find their orders if they need help locating the account their tickets are associated with without needing to contact Customer Care, thus providing your customers with peace of mind.


If you are a venue that decides to make an NHS COVID pass mandatory upon entry to your venue, you are covered by Skiddle’s Terms and Conditions. This stipulates that the venue and/or third party supplier reserves the right to refuse admission if in its reasonable opinion, your admission to the venue might be a risk to: (a) the safety of the audience and/or yourself. More on this here under paragraph 6.3.

Refund Protection Policy

If your customers are hesitant to buy tickets, you can reassure them as Skiddle offers refund protection via a third party, which covers customers for COVID-19. The policy covers illness caused by COVID-19 and death of a member of your party or an immediate family member due to COVID-19. More on what our refund protection covers here

Showcase your COVID secure measures to your customers

Last year you may remember we announced mandatory social distancing check boxes when listing your event. As social distancing is no longer mandatory in the UK, we have updated these checkboxes to show your customers you are COVID-safe, and therefore encouraging more ticket sales.

When you add your listing, select that your event is in line with the UK Government’s social distancing guidelines as applicable, then select all that apply (see below). 

You can also collect customer data for track and trace BEFORE your event if required. More on this here

Your listing will then appear as follows (see below), so customers will have a peace of mind that they’ll be safe at your event and therefore more likely to purchase a ticket. Especially those customers who are still apprehensive about a return to full capacity events. 

As always, if you have any questions about any of the above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Account Support team at promoters@skiddle.com

About Skiddle

Skiddle is currently the UK’s biggest What’s On guide, providing a free facility for event promoters across the UK to list their events online and sell tickets through our independent ticketing service. We currently work with over 35,000 UK and European promoters, at over 30,000 venues. We specialise in helping events through that critical growing phase by providing the marketing and technology support that you need. Start listing your events today!

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