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4 ways you can make the most of our brand new Discount Codes feature

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 14 Aug 2023
  • 7 min read

We’re delighted to announce that our Discount Code feature is now live in the Promotion Centre.

Discounts benefit both customers and promoters. Money off a pair of brand-new trainers? It feels like a treat. A small gift to yourself and the chance to put your hard-earned money toward rent, mortgage and any of the other payments life throws at us. 

For promoters, discounts are about three things: building customer loyalty, creating urgency and offering value. Think of each one as a tactic to help you sell tickets to your event and grow your brand. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at what the feature allows you to do, let you know four ways your event brand can use it and tell you how to access the feature. 

Keep scrolling for more information about a feature that benefits your customer and your event brand. 

What does the Discount Codes feature let me do?

It lets you generate discount codes on the tickets to your event without needing an Account Manager. 

So, it’s entirely self-use. You’re in charge of the promotions you want to run, and you’ll be able to view the results when they’ve ended. You’ll get a clear idea of what techniques work and don’t work. 

There’s also flexibility to the feature. You can generate single, multi and unlimited-use discount codes, each of which has benefits that we’ll cover further down the article. 

Oh, and one more thing: it’s free to use. 

No fees, just sign up to the Promotion Centre and get started. If you’re already with us, log in to your account and get going straight away. 

How can my event brand use the Discount Codes feature?

Entice new attendees to make a quick decision at sign-up

A discount is a great way to entice customers to decide to buy at sign-up. 

We’ve all been there. An event looks interesting, so you sign-up to receive alerts. But that doesn’t mean you want to buy tickets straight away. Some people might want to find out a bit more information about the event beforehand. 

With the single-use discount code, you’ll be offering an incentive. This could be the push attendees need to pick your event over another brand. 

Use discounts in your marketing campaigns to drive sales

Your sales will take a dip at some point. 

When that happens, you can use our Discount Codes feature in your marketing campaigns as a way to drive sales. 

As we mentioned earlier, the Discount Codes feature is flexible. It allows you to create offers in several ways. So, for this idea, you could use the limited-use feature. 

They’re redeemed on a first come, first served basis, which means you could post a social media asset announcing that the first 30 people to comment underneath will receive a discount code for your event. 

Like the last idea, it’s all about generating a sense of urgency with something valuable to the customer. Here, the urgency comes from the fact that the discount is limited to a certain number of people. The value? Your event, of course. 

You can then generate the codes with the click of a button in the Promotion Centre. 

Build customer loyalty with single-use discount codes

Customer loyalty is a crucial part of event promotion. Think about the long-standing event brands you look up to. 

They’ve been consistently offering their attendees valuable experiences over a long-term period.

You can use discount codes to do this, too. Of course, discounts alone won’t build customer loyalty. But think of it as another tool alongside your line-up choices, sound quality and venues. 

Have you got an engaged newsletter readership, WhatsApp group or Discord server? If so, create single-use discount codes and give them out to your fanbase. Whenever you decide to give them out is up to you, but when you’ve done it once, you can add potential discounts as a perk of subscribing to your event brand. 

Where the last suggestion was about creating urgency, this one is about creating exclusivity. Only attendees signed up for your alerts will receive this code, so they’re getting something other people aren’t. 

Improve the customer experience for your attendees

Positive customer experience is paramount for your event. 

You want to make sure people are safe and entertained. They’ll be more likely to come back if they feel this way at your event. 

However, things that aren’t in the customer’s control can get in the way. We’re thinking of train strikes, last-minute train cancellations or sudden illness here. 

If the customer can’t sell their ticket via Re:Sell, you could generate a single-use discount code for them to use at the next event. It can soften the blow of missing an event thanks to something that couldn’t be accounted for. 

That’s great, but where can I learn to set up Discount Codes?

Head here to find out more about our Discount Codes feature. 

You’ll be able to learn how to set up Discount Codes and how to manage them in the Promotion Centre. 

You can also view our video tutorial on how to set up Discount Codes below. 

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