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What is Guerrilla Marketing and how can it be used to sell tickets to your Freshers Week event?

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 15 Sep 2023
  • 6 min read

Guerilla Marketing is about building surprise and intrigue. You want to grab people’s attention, hoping that their reaction to your campaign will result in conversions.

A marketing campaign in this vein can be as big or as small as you want. For example, a sticker campaign, which we’ll cover in more detail later, counts as guerilla marketing. It’s something physical that people can interact with, follow the thread and interact with your brand later on down the line. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at guerrilla marketing, showing you how it can help your Freshers Week events and how it can be used to help sell tickets.

How can Guerrilla Marketing help my Freshers Week events?

The main thing? Brand awareness. 

A successful guerilla marketing campaign gets people talking. The more people talk, the more attention your brand gets. 

Plus, it’s a way to achieve a viral moment. When something goes viral, it means people have organically interacted with what you’re doing. It’s natural and involves people sharing because they genuinely find whatever you’ve created entertaining, informative or insightful. You can’t buy that kind of interaction. 

There’s also a chance to get creative. Guerrilla Marketing is only limited by your imagination and budget, so if big ideas are your thing, this is where they could shine.

How can Guerrilla Marketing be used to help sell tickets for my Freshers Week events?

In quite a few ways. Below, we’re going to have a look at some techniques that you can use to help sell tickets to your freshers week events. 

Catch the eye with sticker campaigns

As we mentioned earlier, sticker campaigns are a great way to utilise guerilla marketing. They’re cost-effective and have the potential to be eye-catching. While they’re unlikely to go viral, they can be an effective way to raise brand awareness. 

One idea could be to print out stickers of your brand logo, sticking them in areas heavily populated by traffic. Think zebra crossings and lampposts.

Or, you could give your stickers out, encourage people to stick them where they want, then ask them to take a picture and upload to social media afterwards. 

With both of these ideas, you’ve got a low-cost way of getting your brand logo in a high volume of places. 

Use QR Code stickers

One disadvantage of guerilla marketing is that you can’t track the results as well as you can with digital marketing. 

However, using QR Codes with stickers can help you mitigate this. The process works the same as the last point: print some stickers of your logo, but add a QR Code as part of the sticker. 

Photo: Erik McLean / Pexels.com

Behind the QR Code, you could place a link to your event listing on Skiddle. Ideally, your long description will have all the information about the event, so your potential attendees can find out what you’re promoting and make a decision if it interests them. 

With this, you’re still getting the potential high volume of brand awareness, but you’re able to gauge how well the campaign is doing. That means you might want to place your stickers in busy places, but where they can be scanned easily. It’s crucial to make it as easy as possible for people to interact with your brand.

Flash Mobs & Parades

Flash mobs are an oft-utilised way of executing guerilla marketing. 

They involve arriving at a place unannounced and doing something (within reason) that garners attention from the public. 

We spoke earlier about the potential to go viral with guerilla marketing. If this is what you’re looking for, flash mobs give you a high chance of this happening. Think about it. If you see something eye-catching in the street, you’re probably going to have a look. 

However, it’s worth mentioning: be prepared for the opposite reaction. Doing things in public is always unpredictable, so people might not be interested. The key to mitigating this? Strike the balance. You want to get people talking without being invasive.  

It will take some planning and depending on what you’re doing, maybe some permission from the authorities. But it could be your ticket to high levels of brand awareness. 

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get attendees interacting with your brand in a fun way.

We thought Parklife Festival did a great version of the scavenger hunt to promote the 2023 edition of the festival. They placed cassette tapes around Manchester, with the people who found them receiving tickets to the festival.

This is something that you can easily take inspiration from. Ensure that you spread the word via social media, encouraging your followers to do the same if they find the object you’ve hidden.

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