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The first Mobile Box Office app for the UK

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 26 Aug 2015
  • 4 min read

The lives of event organisers across the UK will be made easier as of this month thanks to a new box office app that allows users to maximise on-the-door ticket sales.


Skiddle’s newly launched RapidScan application is the UK’s first completely mobile box office solution for events. The Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) app allows promoters to sell countless tickets on the door with ease, in a fast, reliable and secure way.

The sophisticated app, which integrates with both Bluetooth printers and iZettle card-readers, allows promoters to select and print tickets and receipts for customers instantly, plus it lets customers pay easily by cash, card, contactless payments and even Apple Pay, launched last month. 

With no other UK-based EPoS systems specifically designed for events on the market, event organisers have struggled to keep track of online and door sales, which leaves them vulnerable to overselling an event. 

By accurately tracking all transactions that take place, including tickets sold at the door and online, the new software prevents events from overselling as it alerts organisers when the venue has reached capacity. This function also helps to minimise fraud, especially for cash payments made at the door, as it can break down ticket sales according to staff members and ticket type.

Ben Sebborn, technical director at Skiddle, said: “We developed the app in response to customer demands for a box office solution which is easy-to-use at events of all sizes and can be integrated easily into everyday technology. Before this technology was developed, organisers found it difficult to effectively monitor online and door sales, and certain events faced difficulties accepting cards as a form of payment on the door.

“For instance, last year Village Green festival in Southend were handling cash sales using their own system and had no way of monitoring sales. They told us that they really struggled to reconcile the takings after the event. They were also trying to capture customer data but lost it all after deleting a spreadsheet by accident.

“This new technology will change all of that and will help promoters grow their events with ease, collect valuable customer data, and will support all types of payment, including Apple Pay which we expect will be big next year.

“The payment system we have integrated has been proven to keep working when other card terminals have been slow and unreliable. This is because our box office system can work on both 3G/4G and WiFi, and even using satellite connections, giving event organisers more flexibility and backup options, which are especially important for temporary events.”

Village Green festival 2015, which took place on 11th July, was the first event to use the new app. Sean McLoughlin, the festival’s events director, said: “We found the mobile box office app really easy to set up and use at Village Green. It was extremely stable throughout the event and we were able to monitor the figures accurately, enabling us to use data collected to prepare for next year’s festival.

“Customers were able to use cards and contactless payment on the gate using iZettle and this really helped in getting them in quickly and efficiently and thus ensuring customer satisfaction. The ability to print tickets on the spot meant we didn’t have to worry about ordering ticket stock in advance, which saved us time and money.” 

Event promoters interested in downloading the app, should visit https://promotioncentre.co.uk/tour-boxoffice.php for more information.

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