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Skiddle Update: Black Friday Discounts

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 30 Nov 2020
  • 3 min read

Black Friday Reminder #LetsParty

Tomorrow sees the start of Black Friday weekend. If your region permits you, then why not announce your events with a Black Friday offer? For 2020, our Black Friday weekend offers are based around the hashtag #letsparty.

Black Friday offers could include Buy One Get One Free, Group Discounts, Reduced Full Prices, or a throwback to Earlybird pricing. Offer tickets will need to be set up as new tickets, and can’t be applied to existing setups.

We’re supporting with various marketing:

  • These events are included in a dedicated App section / Inspire Me.
  • Social Media campaign across Skiddle platforms.
  • National App Push Notification, directing customers to the Black Friday offers section.

Don’t forget to include #letsparty on your event short description to be included!

Ticket Setup:

You’ll need to set your offer tickets up in advance, and schedule them to go live on Friday 27th November. The timings of your offer being available are entirely up to you, we recommend a 9am onsale on Friday 27th, ending on the evening of Monday 30th, when our marketing support will cease. 

If you need help setting up group ticket offers, check out our guide here.

December Festivities

It’s almost the last month of the year, and therefore time to consider how we’re going to make this year end with a bang! The tier system will be coming back into play as of 2nd December, so if you’re permitted to host events then Skiddle is on hand to help you. 

Our #1 Google ranking for social distanced events, in addition to our social distanced checklist and table tickets makes us the place to go! We’ll be going into more detail next week with regards to our marketing over the December period so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Speak soon,


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