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Skiddle open the doors to Euro payments

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 23 Jan 2013
  • 2 min read

Over the past couple of years, the number of overseas events, especially festivals, has been booming, with some up and coming new destinations such as Croatia becoming a hotbed for new events. Skiddle are always keen to support this growth of the entertainment sector, and were the first UK entertainment site to create a dedicated Croatia area to sit alongside our existing Ibiza guide.

Most event-goers for these destinations are UK based, so up until now all sales have been carried our in Sterling. But what about events which are foreign based and run by a foreign company? This can lead to issues with payments if conversion rates change over the period of sale.

This week, Skiddle are introducing support for Euro payments and Euro settlement for events being sold on Skiddle. This gives the promoter access to their ticket money in their native currency, avoiding any conversion issues.

Skiddle are always working on improvements to our system to better serve our event promoters and this is one of many new features being rolled out this year.

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