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Maximise your ticket sales during Freshers Week with Skiddle Reps

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 12 Sep 2023
  • 3 min read

Want a way to maximise your ticket sales this Freshers Week?

Look no further than Skiddle Reps. 

It’s a feature in our Promotion Centre that lets customers sign up to be dedicated ticket sellers for your event. In return, reps can receive cash or ‘money can’t buy’ rewards for their ticket-selling efforts. 

For example, you’ve booked a big-name headliner. You could set up your rewards so that any rep who sells a set amount of tickets can do a meet and greet with the headliner. 

Better yet, you can control all of this from one place. The Reps dashboard shows you how many sales your reps have made, how many ticket links they’ve shared and lets you manage the rewards for your reps. 

That’s the technical side. But what can the feature do from a marketing perspective?

Photo: Pexels.com

You can use the feature to tap into new markets. In 2021-22, over a million undergraduate students enrolled in universities across UK towns and cities. That’s a lot of people.

People make friends quickly at uni, so two reps could sell to two completely different sets of people with minimal overlap. 

With each rep, you’re getting the chance to reach a new set of people who might not have heard of your event. If your event is a success, that’ll get people talking. You’ll have a natural feedback loop from the people who your reps have sold to. 

It also gives you the chance to hold flash sales and pop-ups. For the uninitiated, these are limited-time sales often with a discount or deal attached to them. You can find a location, use your reps contacts and advertise that you’re selling tickets for a limited time. This is perfect for creating urgency around your event as the date gets nearer. 

Want more information on how to maximise your ticket sales with Skiddle Reps? Click here to get the lowdown. 

Looking for the place to send your customers for more information on Skiddle Reps? Click here to find the information.

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