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Introducing the Top 10 Clubs chart

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 27 Apr 2015
  • 3 min read

This month we introduced a new feature, the Top 10 Clubs chart.

Initially rolled out for Manchester, we hope to bring this to other cities soon. So, what is the Top 10 chart?

Whenever a visitor to Skiddle buys a ticket or marks themselves as ‘Going’, we send them a post-event review email, asking them to leave feedback on the event they attended. This email is unique to the attendee, and is the only way of leaving a review.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.29.53

The review asks the attendee to rate several factors about the event, including music, prices, venue and atmosphere, along with letting them leave a few words to summarise. We then compile these reviews,  to give an average rating for the event. This provides valuable feedback for the event promoter on aspects of the event which may have worked really well, or those to focus on improving.

We also extract the ‘venue’ rating from each review, and use this to calculate an average review score for the venue. These scores are then also used to compile our Top 10 Clubs chart, using the Bayesian Average (this ensures the rating is fair, by taking not just the average score into account, but also the number of reviews).

Is your venue not ranking?

If you aren’t ranking in the chart, remember the reviews are also valuable feedback, so have a read through and see what areas you may be falling behind on – the top 10 ranks are all very close, so even making a few tweaks to your events may have the impact you need to push your rankings up.

Also, the more reviews collected, the more chance you have of being eligible to rank (currently a minimum of 20 are required), so it may help to remind your event goers to review the event afterwards, but please do so fairly (no bribery allowed!) We do regularly monitor reviews being left and will remove any which fall foul of our review guidelines.


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