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David Spanton, the Fraudster Who Stole Millions through Scam Ticket Website has been Jailed

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 10 Oct 2012
  • 3 min read

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of ticket websites out there and some of them offer promoters and event goers offers that are too good to be true. It’s been announced today that one such fraudster who has made around £4 million from an illegal ticketing business, pleaded guilty to money laundering and has been sent to prison for 22 months.

From Holloway in London, David Spanton appeared at Southwark Crown Court where he not only admitted the above but also confessed to obtaining credit whilst being bankrupt.

His biggest revenue stream was from websites such as Ticket Index offering fake events tickets, such as gigs and sports tickets. This guy never learns, he was disqualified in 2009 for 15 having been caught running the same kind of companies in the past.

TicketIndex.net customers who lost out for live event tickets for gigs such as Take That and Premier Football tickets have waited a long time to see justice done.

Ticketing fraud is the bane of the live events sector, Skiddle has recently become a signatory to the Association of Independant Festivals’ Fair Ticketing Charter to try to raise awareness, not only about the scale of the secondary ticketing market and touting but also the shady and often criminal activities that goes along with it.

Detective Superintendent Nick Downing, Operation Podium said:

The arrest of David Spanton should serve to remind event goers that when buying tickets, they should do everything they can to ensure they have a good understanding about the legitimacy of the businesses or brands they are dealing with. As official ticket outlets working directly with event promoters the event goers using Skiddle.com can always be confident they getting their tickets from as close to source as possible. However, it is our task as members of the live events industry to continue to foster an environment of legitimacy and trust in which the secondary ticketing and fraudulent scams discussed as in no way tolerated.


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