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Day 19: Final Push – Mix Up The Message

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 30 Dec 2013
  • 4 min read

This is Day 19 in our series of blogs in the run up to New Year’s Eve and we’ve now only one day to go. In many ways you’ve probably already done most of what can be done and now it’s a case of just keeping the momentum up, or if you’re event’s struggling a bit: giving it that extra push.

Today we’re looking at how to mix up the message you’re projecting in order to generate more interest. As discussed in yesterday’s social media blog post there’s not a great deal more you can be doing online now other than to keep pushing your message out there – but aren’t you a bit bored of saying Buy Tickets Now? If you are, you can expect a chunk of your followers will be bored of reading it.

Buy Tickets Now

OK – this is still your most important message and call to action and it still has a place in the last couple of days so don’t stop saying this, just don’t say it every second of the day (believe us – we see promoters that say nothing more than this every 15 minutes of the day).

Lineup Reminder

Announcing the lineup might seem like something you should be doing at the start of the campaign, but there’s still time to use a lineup reminder to get interest, especially if your artists will be retweeting on Twitter and sharing the message on Facebook.

Set Times

Similarly to lineup reminders, set times gives people more of an understanding of what your event is about and it might give them a feel for the time they’re going to turn up as well. By including the artists you’re likely to get some social shares too. Essentially set times is another version of the lineup posts but it gives you a chance to communicate both with people that haven’t bought tickets and people that have already bought tickets.

Door Times

Another good opportunity to say something different is to remind people about the door times – if they’ve bought tickets with Skiddle they’ll already know but those that haven’t bought tickets might get their interest sparked, especially if they’re planning to start their night in a pub and are thinking about where to move onto and at what time.

Dress Codes and Other House Rules

If there’s any special house rules that the punters need to consider, you need to be getting it out there. It’s another opportunity to remind people about the event and get their interest. New Year’s Eve is a one off night, so if there is a dress code make the most of it, it may be enough to get some more event goers through the door.

Keep pushing!

Today is the busiest day of the year on Skiddle for New Year’s Eve ticket sales – so keep pushing. If you’ve not already got your event listed on Skiddle do it now by heading over the Promotion Centre, and if you’ve got your event listed but haven’t added any tickets now is your chance – if they’re on there you’ll almost certainly sell some today!

Any questions? Our account managers are in today so email actmanagers@skiddle.com or call 0843 289 9489.

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