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Day 16: Remember to put your tickets on sale to get into NYE mailer

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 27 Dec 2013
  • 2 min read

This is day 16 in our blog series leading up to New Year’s Eve and we thought we’d give you a gentle remember to put your tickets on sale to ensure your event gets into NYE mailer.

Each day traffic is building up as people from all across the UK search the internet and Skiddle to plan their New Year’s Eve. We have a growth rate of around 60% on last year and have even greater market penetration than this time last year.

A massive number of events have their tickets on sale already however there’s still plenty of New Year’s Eve events listed on Skiddle that have still to put there events on sale. It’s fair to say tickets for New Year’s Eve are selling like crazy, those ticket sales will keep increasing over the next few days – so you’ve not missed the boat if you’ve not got them on sale yet – in fact the busiest day for New Year’s Eve ticket sales take place on the 30th, but there’s still things to think about before then.

The Last New Year’s Eve Mailout

The final New Year’s Eve mailer is due to go out to hundreds of thousands of Skiddle customers on the 29th December, remember the emails we send out are personalised and display events based on a users preference. We only include events with tickets on sale, so what ever you do be sure to have your tickets on sale well in advance of this last mailer going out.

If you’ve not yet added tickets or indeed still have your NYE event to add to Skiddle, head over to the Promotion Centre at skiddle.com/promotion.

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