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When’s Best To Start Promoting New Years Eve Events?

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 30 Oct 2012
  • 6 min read

New Year’s Eve is undoubtedly the busiest night of the year with events taking place in theatres  restaurants, parks, pubs and clubs and various other venues the length and breadth of the country. The question on every event promoters lips is: “When should I start to promote my New Year’s Eve Event?”

At Skiddle we face this dilemma every year as well, there are a wide range of seasonal events that take place in the run up to New Year’s Eve which we promote to help our listing gain the maximum possible amount of visibility, however whilst concentrating on these festivities there is a significant amount of traffic that builds up with people looking for things to do on New Year’s Eve. The one thing we know for sure, the dates that people look for New Year’s Eve events and buy tickets for these events through Skiddle.com is getting earlier and earlier year on year.

Promoting New Years Eve Events at the right time

The thing about putting on an event, is that timing can be everything. If you get your event on too early people will review it and not be in an actively purchasing mode, whereas if you put it on too late people will already have checked out other events and have either bought their tickets, have made their minds up already or be suffering from a bit of choice paralysis.

Fortunately, over the years, Skiddle has collected massive amounts of data about New Years Eve events, looking at when the traffic starts to build up and when people start to buy tickets. Below we’ll look at some of the averages based on our user data over the last few years.

When Do People Start Searching for New Years Eve Events?

OK, so it’s not really a fair question because people are searching for New Years Eve content throughout the year on Skiddle, however looking back over the last 7 or 8 years there is definitely an upsurge in traffic around a certain time of year.

If you want to get your event out there when people start thinking about New Years Eve, then the best time of year would be the second week in August. In the second week in August, year on year we see a step up in New Years Eve traffic to Skiddle.com, however when reviewing the number of transactions that are taking place off the back of these searches it’s clear these are largely information seeking searches rather than transactional searches.

On average, year on year, the day in which there appears to be an upsurge in people thinking about New Years Eve is the 2nd Monday in August.

When Do People Start Buying Tickets for New Years Eve Events?

It is amazing to see that New Years Eve events sell throughout the year on Skiddle. For most of the year however, there is little consistency in these event sales, that trend changes during September when people start to buy New Years Eve tickets in more volume. Saying that, it’s not until the second week in November that people really start buying New Years Eve tickets in gerater numbers and from this time on, sales build day on day until they peak on New Years Eve itself.

On average, year on year, the day in which people start thinking about buying New Years Eve tickets is the 3rd Wednesday in November.

The biggest surge in traffic happens on Boxing Day when event goers realise that they’ve left it a bit too late and are frantically buying tickets so they can be sure their New Years Eve is one to be remembered.

The key to maximising your ticket sales performance when promoting your event is getting in there early enough, from there on it’s about keeping your event towards the top of the listings where possible and from November continuously reinforce the message that people need to start buying tickets for New Years Eve before it’s too late!

Ultimately, you’ve got to have your event up and ready for the surge in traffic when it comes in. Don’t procrastinate waiting for the time to be right to get your event on sale because New Years Eve traffic increases year on year and if you’re event isn’t listed soon enough you can be sure another promoter will have listed it and you’ll lose eyeballs on your event when your potential event goers are in their most transactional time period.

Skiddle’s advice remains the same, don’t wait for that period between Christmas and New Years Eve to promote your New Years Eve event, those events that get listed soonest always out perform the late arrivals.

To benefit from the New Years Eve traffic get your New Years Eve event listed on Skiddle’s Promotion Centre now!

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