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What is ChatGPT and how can it benefit your events?

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 13 Mar 2023
  • 5 min read

What is ChatGPT?

You’ve seen the screenshots, heard the discussions and maybe, even tried to use it yourself. Yeah, we’re talking about ChatGPT. It’s a language-processing tool created by AI and research company, OpenAI. 

Here’s how it works. The developers train the AI with websites, books, news articles and more. That’s how it can have conversations with the end user about nearly anything. 

But, it’s not just conversations. ChatGPT can assist you with a range of tasks, which is why we think it could be a pretty handy tool for promoters looking to be efficient. Taken as an automation tool, it becomes a powerful piece of software that you can use to speed up your processes and generate inspiration for ideas. 

Ready to dive into the deep, mysterious waters of AI? Read on to see how it can benefit your events. 

How can it benefit your events?

While AI can’t help you manage budgets just yet, it can help you with your listings. When you list an event on Skiddle, you can write a short description of one hundred and fifty words. 

Your short description will show up in our events guide. So, this means you need to make it snappy. And this is where ChatGPT can come in handy. See the picture below for an example. 

We’ve generated a short description in seconds. Now, be aware: you’ll need to edit the paragraph to make it relevant. Rather than scour the internet for knowledge, ChatGPT uses the information it has learned. 

The AI’s knowledge is limited to 2021, so it won’t be able to generate responses to anything from 2023. So, you’ll need to spend some time adding the crucial information like date, time, venue and lineup. 

As you continue through the event listing process, there’s a screen on the Promotion Centre where you can write an extended description. Like our short description, ChatGPT can help you here too. See below for the extended description. 

We asked ChatGPT to generate a description for a techno night in Manchester. So, you could change ‘Techno Night’ to the name of your event. It’s worth keeping the ‘In Manchester’ part. That can help with making sure your event ranks on Google. 

You’ll want to edit the third paragraph to relate to the performers you book. Here, you can replace ‘sound system’ with the model the club uses. It’s another way of making things specific.

What about marketing?

ChatGPT can assist you with generating ideas. We’ve written about content marketing on the blog, so we know how tricky it is to find inspiration. Click here to read. 

We asked ChatGPT to generate ten blog post titles about techno. The AI came back with titles that cover equipment, inclusivity and more. So, you could use the ideas it brings back or adapt them. 

Booking a big-name DJ? Ask them to answer some questions about one of the topics and publish an interview. Booking residents from the area? Interview them about the ‘Supporting Emerging Artists’ topic. 

Different prompts create different responses, too. For example, in the image below, we asked ChatGPT to generate ‘creative ideas for blog posts about techno’. We were given short briefs with the title. See the image below. 


We touched on it earlier, but it’s crucial to keep in mind: ChatGPT was last given information in 2021. So, it can’t generate responses on anything time-sensitive. 

The responses are very general, too. You might have to spend time tweaking descriptions and editing the content ideas it gives you. 

So, is ChatGPT worth using?

It can help you save time on certain things. If you don’t have a dedicated writer, asking ChatGPT for an event description and spending time editing it to add the details of your night will take less time than slogging out one from scratch. 

It won’t replace a writer or a content team, but it can supplement tasks they would do. As a rough and ready automation tool? We think it has a place. 



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