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What businesses can help you promote your New Year’s Eve event?

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 28 Nov 2012
  • 4 min read

If you’ve got a new year’s eve event you’re probably starting to think about how to promote it. One great way to promote a new year’s eve event is to speak to other businesses in your area.

Before thinking about other businesses that can help you promote your new year’s eve event, make sure you’ve got your new year’s eve event promoted on Skiddle through our promotion centre. Once your event is being promoted through Skiddle it’s time to think about how else you can promote your event.

There are businesses and organisations in your local area that are already marketing their products and services to similar audiences to your potential event goers. Work out how you can tap in to their, or piggy back off their marketing.

How can hotels help you promote your New Year’s Eve event?

If you’ve got people travelling a fair distance to go to your event (they often do on New Year’s Eve) you might want to think about speaking to hotels in the area, you might be able to do a reciprocal deal in which they mail out to their customers about your event and you let people know that hotel is your hotel of choice.

How can restaurants help you promote your New Year’s Eve event?

Likewise, if people are coming over for the festive period they may have booked a table at a restaurant. By offering the restaurant a reciprocal marketing arrangement you may be able to pick some of their existing customers, many of their customers will be local and you might find they are able to target people that you aren’t able to.

Other businesses to help promote your New Year’s Eve event

There are loads of different businesses that you could approach to help you promote your new year’s eve events, think about the sort of businesses that your event goers will go to, for example you might want to leave flyers or put up posters in take away or taxi ranks. Colleges and universities could also be a good organisation to get in touch with, you might especially want to get in touch with the their student representatives who might be able to stick some posters up in areas such as refectories or student common areas.

Alternatively, you might want to approach local businesses and offer their staff discounted entry, building these kind of relationships could also help you gain more visibility for the lucrative corporate events that could take place in the venue you’re using.

Methods of New Year’s Eve event Promotion on Skiddle

You’re going to get your event listed on Skiddle and hopefully your event’s tickets will be on sale through the site as well, but if your event needs some extra UMPH! you can also promote your event through our eflyers which are being sent out to 100’s of thousands of people a week and look at display advertising on Skiddle.com.

The other option you might want to look at is our unique Facebook ticket shop which provides the most Facebook timeline integrated ticket shop platform out there.

Either way your event will be listed in our national and local new year’s eve guides which rank incredibly highly throughout the UK.

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