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Welcome To Skiddle: XLR Manchester

  • By Dale Grogan

  • 10 Jan 2024
  • 1 min read

Join us in extending a hearty welcome to yet another new signing for 2024, something of an institution among dance fans in the North of England – XLR Manchester.

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Situated in a suburb of Manchester, just a stone’s throw from one of the city’s most desirable neighbourhoods, Didsbury, the progressive venue first emerged as a small basement club, later transforming into an epicentre for residents, students, out-of-town clubbers and DJs alike.

Specialising in techno, electro and drum and bass, the venue has established itself among the in-the-know late-night ravers and misbehaviours based in and around the city over the past few years, becoming synonymous with the cutting-edge dance music scene that Manchester boasts. Popular collectives and event labels like Dropjaw Audio, Warped Events, Hit and Run, Rare Groove and Disco Puss can all be found here hosting epic parties.


Known for its stripped-back, no-frills signature aesthetic, XLR Manchester thrives on its minimalistic allure. Purists of the dance community make the pilgrimage to the venue week in and week out, to join like-minded dance floor warriors in picture-dark pulsating rooms with just the right touch of lighting to create an unparalleled ambience. It’s not just a club; it’s a sensory experience.

We’re extremely excited to see what XLR Manchester have in store for 2024. To learn more about the venue and upcoming events, or to hire the venue or contact the team, check out their website at: www.xlrmanchester.com.

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