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Welcome To Skiddle: TMP Sessions

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 13 Jul 2023
  • 4 min read

Another week, another signing.

It gives us enormous pleasure to welcome one of Scotland’s most exciting new event brands, TMP Sessions to the Skiddle family.

Founded back in 2022 by Paisely-born dance enthusiast, Ally Paterson, TMP Sessions’ mission was to deliver the people of the central Lowlands of Scotland with the wildest parties they’d likely ever experienced. With a deep-rooted passion for music since his teenage years and a generational history of involvement in dance music, mainly his father’s association with the rave scene in Glasgow, back in the 90s, it seems that TMP Sessions was Paterson’s fate.

Operating as part of the larger TMP Brand, which stands for The Mill Project, paying homage to Paterson’s hometown, Paisley, TMP Sessions puts the focus squarely on the music whilst the wider brand encompasses fashion and design. Unique clothing items are designed to mark each event, inspired by the industrial history of Paisley, Glasgow, and Manchester, as well as pop culture. Each limited-edition graphic tee is exclusive to each event, creating a personalized experience for attendees.

Aftermovie from TMP Sessions latest event

Paterson’s main objective is to create an enduring legacy, with the desire for people to reminisce about their events in the future, just as he once did growing up, listening in on stories about nights out in Manchester and Glasgow told by his equally music-obsessive dad.

Commenting on recently signing with Skiddle, Paterson said:

“Choosing to partner with Skiddle was a strategic decision for TMP Sessions, driven by Skiddle’s focus on growth and support. I appreciated being sat down and walked through the benefits that being a Skiddle Partner has, and would recommend it to anyone who is offered a similar deal.

“Being signed for 2 years also adds accountability for myself, almost like having a 3rd party interest in the growth of TMP, and after showing the team my plans for the next 12 months, they were eager to get us on board.

“I appreciate all the support Skiddle has shown us since we signed, helping massively with the promotion of our upcoming event at SWG3. We’re bringing some of Europe’s most wanted headliners to Scotland for a highly anticipated event.”

Looking ahead, TMP Sessions aims to become a renowned name in the music industry. Plans are in motion to hold large-scale events in Glasgow and to expand to Liverpool and Manchester. Additionally, they aspire to organize an event in Dublin within the next 12 months and, with the right connections, venture into continental Europe. Watch this space.

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