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Waiting List Explained

  • By Mike

  • 01 Mar 2017
  • 4 min read

Photo: Bongo’s Bingo

Despite only launching in December last year, Waiting List has already enjoyed enormous success with thousands of fans managing to bag tickets to sold out events. It’s also been benefiting promoters who use the feature as returned and resold tickets go directly to genuine fans automatically, while the secondary ticketing market is cut out completely. Here’s how it works:

What is Waiting List?

Waiting List gives customers the opportunity to add themselves to a queue for tickets on sold out events. When additional tickets are released (either from the promoter, or via Re:Sell), we will reserve tickets for customers on the Waiting List on a first-come-first-served basis, and notify them instantly via email and SMS.

Once notified customers have a 15 minute window to purchase the reserved tickets. If no action is taken within this time frame, tickets will automatically be offered to the next person on the Waiting List. Should there be tickets left for sale after everyone on the Waiting List has been notified, these will go on general sale to the public.

What are the benefits of Waiting List?

Some events are in high demand, and there are more customers than available tickets. Waiting List helps manage this situation with the following benefits:

  • Tickets go to fans on the waiting list first, meaning there’s more chance of real fans getting the tickets.
  • If you add more tickets, we can instantly allocate them to waiting customers, so they sell quickly.
  • If you use our Re:Sell service, when tickets are returned, they will be instantly allocated to the next waiting customer.
  • You can view your waiting list and see how much demand there is.
  • Customer data for everyone on the waiting list is available after the event, so if you add an additional date, you can inform them easily.


Since launching the Waiting List feature in December 2016, over 40,000 customers have added themselves to lists, looking for over 115,000 tickets. Revenue for tickets sold via the Waiting List currently stands at over £65,000.

Case Study

Originating in Liverpool, Bongo’s Bingo has been nothing less than a phenomenon, with events consistently selling out in minutes. The incredible demand and overwhelming popularity of these parties has allowed the brand to take their unique Bingo experience across the UK, with wildly successful launch events in Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow and most recently London.

In conjunction with Re:Sell, Waiting List has allowed returned tickets and extra allocations to be sold directly to the most deserving fans. The exceptional demand for Bongo’s Bingo tickets leads to busy Waiting Lists; unwanted tickets are resold quickly meaning the events are never taken out of ‘sold out’ state.

Tracking the demand for tickets through Waiting List numbers has provided the organisers with invaluable data, allowing them to make informed decision on the brands progression.

How do I get the Waiting List?

A Waiting List will be activated as soon as your events sales out. You can track how many people have added themselves and how many tickets they are requesting through the event or tickets summary pages.

Head here to find out more about Waiting List.

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