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UK Music Venues to be Protected by New Government Legislation

  • By Mike

  • 16 Mar 2016
  • 2 min read

It’s not often our editorial section covers similar ground to our Promoter Blog, but the news that the government will implement legislation specifically designed to protect UK music venues will appeal to everyone in the music and entertainment world.


Photo: Deaf Institute

There’s been a crucial amendment made to the Town and Country Planning Order. Essentially, the new regulations will put venue owners in the driving seat – as it now stands, if say an office building opposite a music venue is suddenly changed into flats, the occupants of those flats would be within their rights to complain, and possibly have a negative impact on the venue’s fate.

The welcome piece of legislation, which takes effect on April 6th requires planning authorities to “seek prior approval from the local planning authority in relation to the noise impacts on new residents before a change of use from office to residential can be carried out under permitted development.”

The Music Venue Trust concludes “in short – you can’t change offices to flats any more if a music venue is nearby, developers will need to work with the local authority and the music venue to ensure that live music is protected.”

Read the full article here.

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