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Spotify Strikes Deal with Dubset to host DJ Mixes and Radio Shows

  • By Mike

  • 25 May 2016
  • 2 min read


Spotify has been a major player in the online music streaming world since unleashing on the public back in 2008, and has continued to grow, improve and evolve ever since. One criticism of the service in recent times has been its lack of long-form content, leaving a big gap filled by platforms like Soundcloud and Mixcloud. However, following an announcement at the Ibiza Music Summit (IMS) yesterday, all that looks set to change.

Spotify and licencing gurus Dubset have reached an agreement that would allow Spotify to host user generated mixes, remixes and radio shows.

Dubset CEO Stephen White gave this statement  “This is a major milestone for DJs and music fans all over the world. Our technology platform makes it possible for us to identify and pay rights holders in DJ mixes, making this enormously popular music genre available on the world’s most popular streaming service for the very first time”

Chief Strategy and Content Officer for Spotify Stefan Bloom added “It’s a great day for music fans all over the world… Our number one job at Spotify is to deliver great music to fans whenever and wherever they want to listen to it. This deal with Dubset enables us to serve fans of dance music with the mixes they crave while ensuring that artists, labels and publishers get paid fairly.”

The move looks like it could finally remove the struggling Soundcloud from its position as the go-to destination for DJ mixes, and cement Spotify’s status as the largest music streaming service on the net. [Source:MusicWeek]

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