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Skiddle Update: NYE Promoter Guide, remittance times, blog content and more

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 09 Dec 2022
  • 5 min read

Welcome to Skiddle’s Promoter Update. This week, we’ll be talking about our New Year’s Eve promoter guide, giving you a reminder of remittance times over the New Year’s period and taking a look at content on the blog to help you promote your New Year’s events. 

New Year’s Eve promoter guide

We focused on providing valuable content for new and established promoters, really thinking about how we could deliver actionable advice backed by the expertise of the Skiddle marketing team. We know how fierce the competition is on New Year’s Eve, and our guide is designed to help you get ahead of the curve on the big day. 

The guide features historical data from Skiddle on the increase in traffic around the New Year’s period, intuitively designed to ensure all the information is clear. Inside the guide is advice on ticketing options and how to maximise sales, alongside tips on marketing your event and more. 

Click here to access the Promoter Guide. 

Tips for promoting your New Year’s Eve event

We like to think of the Promoter Blog as a canvas. It’s a place where established and new promoters can find the information they need to help them deliver the best events possible. With that in mind, we’ve published an in-depth article about how to promote your New Year’s Eve event successfully. 

If you’re an established promoter, you’ll know just how hectic this period can be as event-goers across the country fill up the various cities in search of a memorable evening. If you’re new to the promoting world, you might be looking for some extra inspiration when it comes to spreading the word about your event. 

’10 tips for promoting your New Year’s Eve event’ takes a look at the importance of data analysis, the benefits of running Facebook ads and more. Click here to read it.

We’ve also recently published ‘When’s best to start promoting a New Year’s event?’ Here, we took a look at historical Skiddle data and Google Search trends, delivering a guide for you to gauge the best time to begin promoting your event. Click here to read the piece.

Remittance reminder

In last week’s Promoter Update, we shared our remittance times for the festive period. In case you missed them or needed another reminder, find the times in the image below.

Our offices will be closed from 24th-27th December, and there will be no remittance cycle on the 28th of December. 

Scanner hire

Are you looking for a solution for busy queues and long waits at entry? Our scanners can increase door entry speed and provide you with real-time stats for entries. 

A positive queuing experience is crucial for the reputation of your event, as people remember the times when the entry process was mismanaged. 

The RapidScan app is available to download for free on iOS and Android, and you’ll be able to scan each ticket in around one second. Tickets are validated in real-time against three checks. We ensure that the ticket is valid for the event, the ticket is currently being accepted at entrance and the ticket hasn’t already been redeemed. 

With these checks, you’re equipped to deal with any discrepancies against tickets. For example, someone wouldn’t be able to enter the event and then send their ticket to a friend who hasn’t entered the event. Our scanners would show that the ticket has already been redeemed. 

The data capabilities mean that you can manage the entrances, so if one door is particularly busy, you can organise your staff flexibly, taking care of any problems that arise at the entrance. 

Safety is paramount, and scanning everyone in digitally means you’ll have a record of who has and hasn’t entered the building. You’ll need this information further down the line for authorities and licensing officers.

To learn more about RapidScan, click here to view our FAQ page with guides about the app and box office. 

If you’d like to hire our scanners for your event, contact our account support team at promoters@skiddle.com or call 03333 01 03 01. 

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