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Skiddle posts record breaking three month run

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 01 Dec 2016
  • 3 min read

This year we’ve been working hard at making ourselves, and in the process ticketing, better. We spent time talking to our customers, industry figures, and people who have never used us to find out how they felt about not only us as a brand but how the industry works, and what needs changing about it. This lengthy process was then followed by some internal soul-searching, analysis and creative thinking to give us a new approach to how we do things, focusing on the things we were good at already such as innovation and exemplary customer service, and channelling these to make ticketing a better industry.

Everything from how we construct our contracts to how our site looks is now informed by these principles, and since we properly put these into place through the new look Skiddle website in September we’ve seen incredible results. Our ticket sales growth has always been strong, consistently in the 30% region YoY each month for the past few years, but the past three months we’ve seen that better than doubled, with September-November up by a whopping 67%.

What this shows is that our customers love the way we do things. They’ve not only embraced our apps, the new look and ease of use of our website, but also the way we’re trying to make things better. Re:Sell and Cool:Off have both been wholeheartedly embraced by a consumer set tired of their purchases being unfair and inflexible, and, as a consequence, more tickets are being sold – which pumps more much-needed cash into the music industry. And we’re committed to doing everything we can to eliminate touting, keeping tickets and the revenues in the hands of the people that keep this .

The best part is we’ve only just begun. There’s plenty more in the pipeline to come, as we continue our goal to challenge the ticketing status quo and get a better deal for every one of our customers, ticket buyers and promoters alike.

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