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Skiddle joins music business Coalition to improve ticketing for deaf and disabled audiences

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 15 Apr 2018
  • 3 min read

We are delighted to announce that we are joining forces with leading music charity, Attitude is Everything, to improve deaf and disabled customers’ experiences when booking tickets for live music events.

We are one of 38 music industry bodies that have thrown our support behind improving ticketing for gig-goers with disabilities as part of the Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition – a dedicated group of music industry organisations that are committed to making ticketing more accessible.

Whilst we are proud of our reputation within the industry of offering all customers a bespoke, friendly and professional service; we are looking forward to working with Attitude Is Everything, the Coalition, promoters, venues and and our customers to ensure we give everyone the same fantastic experience no matter who they are or what needs they have.

Last week, we attended the launch of the Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition launch in London at The Roundhouse, where we pledged to work towards the following:

1) A simple and universal system for evidencing access requirements

Fans need a single proof-of-disability system that is uniformly recognised and accepted across the UK, and a single evidence policy adopted by the whole music industry.

2) Accurate and disability-aware information and customer service

Fans need all venues and events to provide quality access information online, including uniform terminology for access booking and Disability Awareness and Inclusive Communication Training for all frontline sales staff.

3) Choice and flexibility when booking tickets

Fans need to be able to book key access provisions online. Access booking systems should integrate online, email and telephone processes, and be flexible enough to incorporate whole party booking.

4) To be able to trust that access requirements will be met

Fans need access bookings to be managed in-house where possible, to be dealt with by dedicated staff contactable by phone and email, and for access bookings to go live as soon as tickets go on sale.

5) Equal access to everything

Fans need to be able to book access for pre-sales, VIP and artist meet-up tickets, and with entertainment gift cards, as well as the ability to resell of accessible seating. Access booking lines need to use free-phone numbers. PA tickets need to be bookable by any Deaf or disabled person who requires one. Fans need pre-registration systems to better manage anticipated ‘sell out’ sales.


We can’t wait to get stuck in and we’ll be making further announcements towards this cause in the very near future.

For more information about Attitude Is Everything and the Ticketing Without Barriers Coalition, please click here.



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