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Skiddle Audience Retargeting

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 09 Apr 2017
  • 4 min read

You spend a lot of money creating interest in your event, so ensuring as many of those interested customers proceed to buy tickets is every promoter’s aim.

Customers will often view your event, either via a referral from your own links or by browsing Skiddle’s comprehensive events guide. For example, you may announce your lineup and get 10,000 eyeballs on your event details.

But it might not be the right time to buy – they may need to check which of their friends can go, check travel arrangements or save some funds. Especially if the event isn’t for a few weeks or months.

And that’s where most other platforms stop. You attract loads of interest, but once that customer leaves, you’re back to square one and have no way of getting back in touch with those that have shown interest.

Ad platforms such as Facebook or Adwords then make you pay to target the same audience you paid to target last time, so your ad budget gets eaten up quickly. If your targeting looks like ’18-35 year olds within 40km of London’ then you’re spending much more on advertising than you need to.

Skiddle Audience Retargeting

Skiddle are launching a new retargeting platform, utilising powerful tracking via the Skiddle website and mobile apps, combined with the reach of Facebook and Instagram. Our aim is to re-engage customers who have shown intent but haven’t yet purchased.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Customer views an event on the Skiddle website, iOS or Android app – via an event page, news article or festival profile
  2. We automatically track the user’s actions, from viewing an event through to adding tickets to their basket and a possible purchase
  3. Our algorithms will then add customers who have viewed/added to basket but not completed a purchase into a retargeting pool
  4. Facebook ads will be created, using the image and text from your event, which you can edit at any time – changes are synced to Facebook within an hour, including any ticket price changes
  5. Precise targeting will show the ads to customers who are most likely to buy, based on the ‘pool’ of interested customers we’re tracking
  6. Thanks to this retargeting technology, there’s a much higher conversion/purchase rate from these ads compared to regular adverts
  7. If a customer then proceeds to buy, the adverts will no longer be shown to them, freeing up budget to show to other customers

We can also cross-sell and up-sell events, for example, to sell more of your tickets to customers who have previously attended past events.

Our retargeting platform has been trialled for a couple of months and the results have been phenomenal. Currently, the Return on Investment (ROI) is 74x. That means for every £1 you spend on Skiddle retargeted ads, you’ll sell on average £74 of tickets.

Skiddle Audience Retargeting is now being rolled out to more event promoters. And the good news is that we’re already adding customers to your retargeting pool.

If you’d like to arrange a trial, just get in touch with your account manager or call 03333 01 03 01.

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