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RapidScan NYE 2018

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 14 Dec 2018
  • 3 min read

Making sure you’re comfortable with RapidScan

The Skiddle Rapidscan App is an essential tool for getting customers into your event as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Even if you’re familiar with the App, please have a read through our comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of this. How to use the RapidScan app

It’s vitally important that you scan tickets so that we can deal with any queries regarding entry quickly and efficiently. If you choose not to use the App to redeem tickets then our Customer Care team will side with the customer should there be any issues at your event.



The Benefits of using RapidScan

  • Using RS entry is at least X5 times faster! Instant barcode scanning, no finding names and crossing off lists. Faster entry = happier customers!
  • Keep selling online while your doors are open, no need to set the tickets off sale and lose out on guaranteed ticket funds and valuable customer data.
  • If someone arrives without their tickets you can look the customer up instantly and manually enter them.
  • If any issues happen at your event you can tell who had entered and who hasn’t, vitally important for any claims of charge-backs. If you do not use the RapidScan App our Customer Care team will side on the customer if there are any issues.
  • All scanned data is kept in the promotion centre meaning you have a breakdown of customers entered permanently.
  • Using RS means you can interact with the entered customers after the show, offer them incentives or just gather priceless data and feedback.
  • Entry stats easily available on the App, you can visualise a graph of times entered meaning you can plan for future events around staffing levels.
  • The RS App is free to download! Available on iOS & Android




These enterprise units have many advantages over using your own iPhone/Android phone, including extended battery life, faster scanning and more.

We only have a number of rental devices available

Please get in touch on 03333 01 03 01 for more info!

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