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Post-Event Survey Questions

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 08 Jun 2022
  • 4 min read

Hosting an event, whether it’s a live gig, a comedy show, a film screening or an occasion consisting of all three of the aforementioned components, can be tricky. Understanding your guests’ experience of said events when the curtain falls and all is said and done, can be even trickier. But it doesn’t have to be…

Post-Event Surveys, and the carefully considered questions within them, offer promoters the perfect opportunity to gather important feedback from their attendees once an event has finished, as the name suggests. They allow organisers to build better, more finely tuned parties and gatherings, tailored to the needs of their customers, whilst doubling as an insightful data collection tool; collecting names, email addresses, phone numbers and more.  

Each individual’s experience of an event can differ. Learning which elements worked well and which didn’t and applying that knowledge down the line can mean the difference between punters leaving happy and eager to return, and losing potential future custom by word of mouth. Therefore, it should be of the highest priority to understand your customer base, using this simple post-event survey. 

Unsure of the right questions to ask? We’ve listed five powerful ones below to ensure you’re getting the best from your inquiries. 

Remember – This questionnaire doesn’t have to be complex and full of jargon. Be straightforward with your customers and get simple straightforward answers:

What did you enjoy most about this event?

A great question to lead with. This will help you to discover which aspects of the event your customers appreciated the most. Make sure to build these answers into the strategy of your next event.

Overall, how satisfied were you with the event? 

Ask attendees how they felt about the venue, the quality of refreshments and the production of the event (stage, sound, lighting). You can also follow on questions pertinent to the type of event you’re throwing, for example, ‘How did you the quality of the food options’ if throwing a culinary event.

What was your least favourite thing about this event?

A hard pill to swallow. This question highlights all the areas where customers feel your event may have fallen short. However, all criticism, no matter how harsh, can be turned into a positive and used constructively. See the answers from this question as a chance to grow. 

How likely is it that you would attend one of our future events? 

Find out exactly how many of your guests would sign up to come and join you again at a future date. The data from this question will allow you to plan more efficiently for future happenings, especially when considering aspects such as venue capacity, seating and catering.

How likely are you to recommend our events to a friend? 

It’s a well known fact in the events industry that people are more likely to buy a ticket for an event that’s been referred to them by a friend. Almost 65% more likely to be precise. Add this question to your survey to learn who might be bringing a friend or two next time out. 

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