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Last-minute marketing ideas to help sell tickets to your festival

  • By Ryan Moss

  • 26 May 2023
  • 7 min read

Organising a sell-out festival is the dream for a lot of promoters. 

Selling lots of tickets is great, but a sell-out event can help you hit the big goals you’ve got. 

Firstly, extra people are there. That’s more people through the gates enjoying themselves, more people who could potentially come back next year and more people who can spread the word to their friends. 

But we understand: it can get tricky. 

In the run-up to a festival, you might be a little jaded. You’ve worked hard on your marketing campaigns, and they’ve done well, but you need that extra push to get you over the line. 

Well, we’ve got a few solutions. 

At Skiddle, we offer a range of marketing techniques that can help you get over the line. Whether it’s personalised email marketing or bespoke content, the five tools we’ve mentioned are tried and tested, helping promoters in their journey to deliver sell-out events. 

Sound interesting? Scroll down to read more. 

Get your festival on our Inspire Me pages

Our ‘Inspire Me’ pages compile all the best events on our website into one place. They’re designed to make finding a specific event a lot easier. 

Say you’re promoting a brand new festival. It’s aimed at families looking to give children their first taste of live music, and the cost is a little cheaper than usual.

Skiddle’s Inspire Me Pages

Contact our Account Support team. They’ll pass your details on to our content team, who’ll get your listing on our ‘Cheap Festival Tickets’ or ‘Family Friendly Festivals’ page. 

If your festival doesn’t fit that category, don’t worry. We’ve got the ‘Festivals 2023’ page, too. They compile festivals in regions across the U.K. into one place, as well as Scotland and Wales. 

It’s a way of joining the dots. With your event on our ‘Inspire Me’ page, your event is easily discoverable. After a few clicks, your festival will be in front of potential attendees in all its glory. Shout about it to your social media followers; we’ll take care of the rest.

Target the right people with an E-Flyer

E-Flyers are emails sent out by our Account Support team. They feature the flyer for your event, with links to buy tickets included. 

Someone who might be interested in your event will receive an E-Flyer in their inbox. It’ll be aligned with what they like and be sent via location. For example, if your festival is in Lancaster, we can target customers in a 20-mile radius of that area. 

How can they help?

We send E-Flyers to customers who have bought tickets for an event like yours. At Skiddle, festivals are our bread and butter. So, people who’ve attended a family-oriented festival in the past near yours will be the type of customers we’ll send the E-Flyer to. 

When you post your event flyer across social media, you’re competing with all the other things someone is interested in. Don’t get us wrong: we’re not saying don’t do this, as social media marketing is crucial to promotion. However, with an E-Flyer, you’re targeting the right people. 

Make use of our Regional Newsletters

E-Flyers aren’t the only email marketing we do at Skiddle.

We send out regional newsletters to signpost customers to the events in their area they need to know about.

The value here is in refinement. As we said earlier, posting across social media means that you’re up against everybody else. By targeting people in your area, you’re more likely to receive interest in the event you’re promoting. 

Want to get involved? Contact your dedicated account manager or our account support team, and go from there. 

Work with our content team

Written content can help to contextualise the work that you are doing.

Earlier, we spoke about organising family-friendly festivals at a reduced price. That’s something worth shouting about. You’re serving your area by offering them a wonderful experience. 

Getting this on film or in written form can help your event. You can catch the attention of potential attendees, giving them a taste of the great music and entertaining attractions on offer at your festival.

Maybe there’s an interesting story behind why you’re organising a festival like this. Are you? giving up-and-coming performers a chance to show their talents? Whatever it is, you can use content to put your brand into context, giving people an extra push to buy tickets. 

Our team can assist you here. They produce content that helps to promote all kinds of events. It’s one of the many benefits you can get when you sign up with Skiddle.

Hold a pop-up sale with your reps

With our reps feature, you can recruit ticket sellers for your festival. 

They can receive money or personalised rewards in return for helping you sell more tickets. 

So, if you’ve already got reps out there selling for your festival, why not gather them together for a series of pop-up sales?

You could set up a stall in your area or your office, put the word out on social media, and sell tickets for the afternoon. Make sure to emphasise that you’re running low on tickets. 

But why would you do this?

To take advantage of scarcity. 

Playing on scarcity and FOMO are two tried and tested marketing techniques. If someone is interested in something and they find out there isn’t much of it left, they’re more likely to buy. 

You can hold as many of these as you need, but make sure you spread them out well. The spontaneous nature of a pop-up sale is part of the appeal. Too many would become predictable. 

Got a question you need an answer to? Give us a call on 03333010301 or ask us a question over on the Skiddle Promoter Twitter account by clicking or tapping on the button below. Alternatively, you can also find a list of our most frequently asked questions over at https://help.promotioncentre.co.uk/ 

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