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How to use QR Codes to Promote an Event

  • By Ben Sebborn

  • 27 Feb 2013
  • 3 min read

QR Codes have been around for a while now, they are a bit gimmicky  but definitely provide another way in which to engage with your audience and are something that you need to think about what you’re marketing your event.

A recent survey by market research specialists Neilson demonstrates that around 18% of UK consumers regularly use barcode or QR code scanners to access data, what’s more this figure is rapidly growing, having only been 11% in Q2 of 2012. Often following the trends of the US, the UK is expected to see this figure to grow to around 24% in the next 12 months.

When you’re looking at figures like that you need to make sure you’ve got QR codes covered in your marketing strategy. Event marketing collateral is especially favourable for QR codes, think about all those flyers you hand out or the posters you hang about the place – they’re ideal for including a QR code on.

QR Codes need to be large enough that they are noticed and easily positioned so your potential customers can easily scan them, it’s worth saying that if you are talking about flyers you need to think about someone being confident enough to stand in a public place with their phone out scanner the QR code, general rule is the bigger the better (they won’t have to stand so close).

The next thing you should consider is where the visitor will be sent when they receive the QR code, you want to make the page of content you’re sending them to be really specific to the ad they’ve seen, and engaging, this is an ideal opportunity to get their email data and other contact details.

Skiddle has used qr codes in various offline marketing campaigns over the years and they’ve become much more effective over the last few months, with take up being much higher than before.

QR Codes may seem a little bit gimmicky but they are here to stay and as the smart phone market grows you can rest assured the QR market is going to grow as well – so make sure you’re taking advantage of it!

No matter what offline marketing activities you’ve got on the go, be sure to get your event listed on Skiddle.com by visiting our Promotion Centre.

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